iSenseven Gallery – By Steffen Kornfeld

December 28th, 2009


For 8 years the iSenseven crew have been making great snowboarding flicks in Germany. Their latest movie “Let’s Go Get Lost” really takes it to the next level and puts them up there with Europe’s finest snowboard movie makers like The Pirates. Steffen Kornfeld is one of the talented individuals in the crew that carries a photo camera instead of a video camera or a snowboard. He sent us through a selection of his shots from the year filming the movie.

This past season I had a great time with my best friends.{mwbold} The following photos are a small documentary about that time. Felix Urbauer was doing the cinematography for ‘isenseven’ and Alex Tank was getting the possibility filming a whole part for the actual movie ‘lets go get lost’.
Everyones skills growing more and more. That is at least a nice side-action of a friendship. Don’t miss watching the new isenseven movie.
– Steffen Kornfeld (Photographer iSenseven)

Let’s Go Get Lost is available in Australia through Nitro Snowboards at most good snowboard shops.

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