Jake Blauvelt Finds A Home At Oakley

February 24th, 2010

After scoring one of the sickest parts of the year in 2008/09 Forum rider Jake Blauvelt found himself off the team. One of those mystery sackings, you know the ones you hear about but just don’t make any sense! We don’t know the details either, but it’s usually something like the pro rider scored a hotter chick than the team manager and screwed that chick in the managers hotel bed… Etc etc.

But ANYWAYS, to the point – Jake has found a new home at Oakley. Bravo.

Here’s the press release from Oakley.

Press Release

Oakley, Inc. Welcomes Jake Blauvelt To Global Apparel Team

Foothill Ranch, CA, February 23, 2010 – After nearly 10 years on Oakley eyewear, Jake Blauvelt becomes the newest member of the Oakley Pro Rider Series apparel team.
This is an evolutionary step for a kid who is devoted to progressing what is possible on his snowboard. From his early days on hill as a Vermont contest local, Jake has consistently pushed himself to find a path that is true to his dreams. That path has taken him from icy park jumps to powder turns; from podiums to heli drops and he has continued to evolve with every step taken.
Oakley is proud to welcome Jake to the Pro Rider Series apparel team along with existing PRS teammates Eero Ettala and Eiki Helgason as they continue to push the envelope.
“I can’t even describe how stoked we are to have Jake on the Oakley Outerwear program,” stated Eero Ettala about Jake joining the apparel team. “If I could pick any rider in the world, it would be Jake for sure. Welcome to the team bud, your a perfect fit for Oakley!”
“To be a part of such a small and exclusive team is a huge honor,” said Jake. “In my eyes Eero has been the most progressive urban and park rider for years now, and Eiki is following fast in his footsteps.”
But with each Oakley Pro Rider Series it’s about defining snowboard style through personal influence.
“I can’t wait to get started working with Oakley’s design team on my new outerwear series,” exclaimed Jake with a smile. “I have loads of techie ideas and knowing that I will be using products that I personally have designed will give me peace of mind when heading out into the backcountry.”
Welcome to the family Jake!

For more information on Jake & Oakley, Inc. – www.oakley.com/sports/snowboard

Sound Bites From Jake Blauvelt:

“During my 10 years as an Oakley eyewear athlete it has always been very clear to me that Oakley is at the forefront of technological developments and progression, so now having the opportunity to be able to extend this relationship to apparel feels very natural to me.”

“Above all, it’s about having the freedom to take control of my career…Oakley shares my vision and are fully committed to helping me achieve all my goals.”