Let It Ride, The Craig Kelly Story – Now Online

October 10th, 2016

Craig Kelly wasn’t just an ambassador for style, his spirituality and inter-connectedness with the mountains resonates with us all. Image: Vianney Tisseau

Transfer | Louis Macindoe

Let It Ride is a visual primer on the life of snowboarding’s greatest asset: Craig Kelly. This documentary is mandatory viewing for anyone who’s ever strapped on a Snowboard.

Whether you’ve watched it yet or not, this film is something that should be viewed and revisited regularly – for Craig’s spirit and riding embodies the soul of snowboarding. Red Bull is now featuring ‘Let It Ride’ online for free and in HD, a worthy service that deserves a shout-out. Raise your cylindrical tins to the GOAT.

WATCH NOW: Let It Ride – The Craig Kelly Story