Matthew Sedunary – A Season in Sweden

May 29th, 2009

What happens when you hook up with a Swedish babe in Australia and then the babe wants to go home? Well you don’t let her fly off and never see her again, you go with her! Melbournian, Matthew Sedunary rolled the dice and did just that, committing to a full season shredding the far North of our globe during the 08/09 Northern winter. He came back with some epic tales and these sweet shots he dropped to us here at Transfer with a full report on what’s going down – up north.

Words and Photos by Matt Sedunary and his new found Swedish Mafia


Who’s Matt?
Name: Matthew Sedunary
Home Town: Melbourne, Australia
Home Resort: Mt. Buller
Stance: 12 and -12, 23 inches, Regular
Sponsors: Capita, Union, Nomis, Ballistyx,
Favorite Music: I like all kinds of music, but right now I listen to a lot of Xavier Rudd.
Favorite Movies: Anything with Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Seth Rogen, etc.
Favorite Riders: There are so many but Mitch Williams, Simon Chamberlain, Torstein
Horgmo and Halldor Helgason are definitely way up there on the list.
Last Words: Shake n’ Bake!

“One of the best things about snowboarding is the journey that it can lead you on.”

Snowboarding led me to my girlfriend, Karolin, who in turn, along with snowboarding, led me to Sweden.

Sweden is not a place that I had ever really thought about growing up, but in a matter of a couple of years it has become like a second home to me. This past winter I lived in the resort of Åre. The season in Åre runs from November till the beginning of May and a pass costs around $700 Australian Dollars. They have a sweet park and also get some awesome pow.

Snowboarding aside, Sweden is a really beautiful and amazing country that is definitely worth a visit. The different culture and nature, the extreme variance in the seasons and the people will make your time spent in Sweden unforgettable. In the wintertime it’s not only the ski resorts that receives snow in Sweden. A huge percentage of the country is covered in snow, including major cities, towns and the countryside.
This makes it really easy to set up fun backyard jumps and jibs, and it also opens the door to a huge variety of urban features.
The scenery and the wildlife in Sweden is awesome. And in Scandinavia, since you are responsible for your own actions, you can do some really cool stuff that would probably be considered a no-no in North America.
Nowhere that I’ve been before have I had the opportunity to kiss a moose or to walk inside a frozen waterfall.
Swedish people are super nice and fun and really know how to party. In Åre, which is the largest ski resort in Sweden, you’ll find at least one bar or club that’s’ bumpin’ nearly every night of the season. If you like though, you can start partying at around 2pm at one of the many afterski/apres hotspots!
Sweden is well worth a trip.

Steezy Backlip

Rooftop backside 180 melon.

Front 3 nose tap.

Suburban Sweden

The only ugly chick in Sweden, is damn ugly.

Are resort… pretty sunset to entic

e you.

Are resort… frozen chairs once you’re there.