Mitch Allan Surf Trip With Occy And Dylan Longbottom

November 11th, 2009

By Mitch allanHey sorry been off the grid for a while but I just got back from a really amazing trip. I got invited to travel from Bells Beach to the south coast with Occy and Dylan Longbottom for a Fuel TV trip. It was so amazing we got some fun waves, drove a lot and partied for the Melbourne Cup along the way. Keep watching Fuel over summer for the show called “From where you’d rather be with Occy”.

This is myself, Occy, Dylan Longbottom and our filmers walking to Pipe after a 7 hour drive praying it is good.

These are the little waves that we got they weren’t amazing but was still a rad little surf.

Couple of cheeky bright little buggers that didn’t mind waking us up every morning.

Our filmers getting the shot.

Occy in front of the house he grew up in and giving us the little tour of his home town.

A beautiful piece of Aussie coastline.