Next Level – 2010 Winter X Games

January 30th, 2010

3 great clips – Halfpipe Prelims Video :: Slopestyle Prelims with big upsets :: Torstein Horgmo POV Slopestyle run.The annual X-Games are back and along with them comes another display of legit progression and this year a shuffle of who’s who at the pointy end of freestyle snowboarding. Surprisingly many big names failed to make the finals of the Men’s slopestyle giving way to the young and hungrier triple spinning and twisting park dominators like 19-year old Halldor Helgason who qualified 1st. And Mikkel bang who rides so smooth and throws 1080’s so immaculately you’d think he’s half asleep. Our money is on him for the win – or at least the riders choice if not the gold. We’ll be surprised if Halldor keeps the top spot as the rest of the field ratchet up to full speed.

In the halfpipe, judge and Forum pro rider (with broken shoulder) explained it best: places 2 to 8 are super tight, but we all know who is no.1… and that is Shaun White – check the video to see why, and that’s just his warm up run! In the girls pipe we gotta be honest and less diplomatic than Mr Moore, the girls are looking really lame in the big pipe except for Kelly Clarke who is the only one boosting and styling. The rest of the girls are throwing under the lip 900’s and ballerina-style spins that would look better in a figure skating arena.

Too bad that Torah Bright has pulled out of the X-games comp after giving herself a concussion in practice as rumours are she was going to again step it up and drop some duble’ corke’ on the world. (we’ll have to wait till the Olympics now?? Feb 12-28)

In the Big Air practice (no vid available) it was Torstein Horgmo and Travis Rice who were turning heads with new tricks that left every media writer scratchin their heads and rushing for a chat with the two uber stars so they could find out what these new tricks are.
Travis calls his: “It’s toeside switch, and then you do Cab & its like a chicane to a back rodeo or something. It’s pretty corked out, the first one is a flip, according to FIS.”
Torstein calls his: “Cab 12 late cork.”
It’s going to be an insane final to watch and let’s hope the people at X have learnt from last years “let the people vote” disgrace.
Be sure to check it out if you can.

Finals for the men’s halfpipe are on tonight (Friday in the states – Saturday Down Under)
Finals for the Mn’s Big air and Women’s Halfpipe are on tomorrow (Sat in USA – Sunday DU)
Finals for the Men and Women’s Slopestyle are on The next day (Sun USA – Monday DU)

Good luck trying to see it live as live streaming that was available last year Down Under is not available this year. Live streams on ESPN must be paid for through your ISP… God knows how hat works. Never mind though we’ll keep you updated here with photos and the full inside story.