Nitro Launches iPhone Snowboarding Game

January 19th, 2010


Nitro Snowboards in association with a bunch of resorts in Europe like LAAX, Switzerland has just released a snowboarding game for the iPhone/iPod.

MyTp Snowboarding, as it’s called (??) features all the Nitro international pro riders. You can choose any of the riders and swap up your gear, although it doesn’t really affect the performance just the look, then you just shred around different resort with jumps jibs and all kinds of general 1995 Playstation 2 style graphics. You can hit up the World Tour or just have a quick game to pass the time. The controls are easy to use, you steer by tilting your iPhone and ollie by tapping one sie of the screen, do tricks and grabs by tapping and rotating different sides of the screen while in the air.

Overall at $3.99 it seems like not a bad thing to buy to pass the time if you have nothing to do, and the intro video was enough to get us stoked to go shred.

Check it out at the App store.