NZ National Team Selection 2010 Open

May 7th, 2010

Deadline: 21st May

NZSBU would like to welcome all snowboarders interested in becoming a member of the NZSBU National Team or NZSBU Development Squad to submit a NZSBU Team Selection Submission.

The overall aim for the NZSBU Teams is to acknowledge and support those riders who have reached an international level in their respective gender, age division and/or competitive snowboard discipline.

Team selection is multi-level with consideration to the achievements and commitments by riders working towards their own individual goals.

All those interested in the team should complete a NZSBU Team selection submission and send it to the NZSBU Sport Manager Mel Simmons: by 21st May 2010.

Download the NZSBU Team Selection Submission HERE

View Team Selection Criteria HERE

FIS Events and Junior World Championships 2010

As a member of Snow Sports New Zealand, the NZSBU is granted by FIS the right to enter eligible athletes in FIS sanctioned Snowboard events, including the Junior World Championships to be held at Cardrona in 2010. Athletes who are not eligible, as established by the FIS and its member nations, may not participate in FIS sanctioned events.

For FIS licensing, please send the completed FIS Athlete Declaration with a copy of your proof of age and proof of NZ citizenship (e.g. copy of relevant passport page or birth certificate) via email to, or by post to PO Box 395, Wanaka 9305. On the form you need to select which discipline: Alpine, Nordic or Other. If selecting “Other” could you please comment if Freeski or Snowboard.

For more information on FIS regulations, including age limits, please refer to the FIS Website .

A separate selection for the FIS Junior Worlds team will take place after the initial NZSBU Team selection.

The Junior Worlds team will be chosen from the submissions for NZSBU Team, all those wishing to be considered for the Junior Worlds team should apply for the NZSBU Teams.

Winter Performance Programme (WPP)

WPP is a service provider for high performance sports and sporting individuals. Members of the NZSBU Teams who meet WPP criteria may be eligible for Winter Performance Programme services.

For information regarding Athlete Selection for the Winter Performance Programme, please contact the WPP Snowboard Head Coach Tom Willmott:

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