NZ Team Heads For The Dew

July 26th, 2010

Jake Koia front three nose tap at the Remarkables in 2009. Photo:: Vaughan Brookfield.

Interview by Freda Robin.

We have a quick chat with Stef Zeestraten and Jake Koia the only Kiwi team headed to the Dew Hut Jam 2010 at Mt Buller this Saturday – 31st of July. The combo make up the now formidable Oakley team who was included after an increase of invited pro teams in 2010 up to 15 from last years 10. The two guys represent a very big threat for the Dew Hut Jam title that boasts the biggest single cash prize pool in Southern Hemisphere snowboarding ($19k total – $12k for the winning team!). Both bring a long history of experience in both competition as two of the best freestyle riders in NZ. Stef is apart of the government sponsored Slopestyle pro team and Jake has won numerous big air and slopestyle titles over the last 5 years.

Jake Koia. Photo:: Vaughan Brookfield.

Stef Zeestraten. Photo:: Greg Roebucks.

Hey guys… what’s been happening in the last few months?

Jake Koia: I spent this past Northern hemisphere winter in Vancouver which is my base over in North America. I’ve been travelling a lot over there mainly riding backcountry. I’ve been filming for the new Sandbox Films vid Now You Know and now I’m in Queenstown.

Stef Zeestraten: I bounced around different countries this past season. I did a few big comps like Dew Tour stops including Breckenridge which was pretty fun. I also went over to Europe for the European open in Laax and to Calgary for the Canadian open. I also spent a bit of time in Tahoe, riding with friends before heading back to Wanaka which is where I live during the NZ winter.

What do you think of competing over in Aus at the DHJ?

JK: I’m really looking forward to competing, partying and hanging with my Aussie friends… I haven’t done too many jib jams so this should be entertaining. I’m quite excited about the teams format, it’s a good twist. Anything different is good these days…

SZ: I’ve been over to Aus quite a few times to compete in Style Wars and other comps but I’ve never been to Buller so I’m quite excited about that. There should be some good Aussie-Kiwi rivalry going on.

What’s your plan for the comp?
SZ: I don’t ride with Jake too much but when I do it’s really fun. Planning on doing a few laps together, having fun and seeing where it takes us.

Stef spinning a frontside 720 double-tail grab over a raod gap in Tahoe during the recent Northern Hemisphere season. Photo:: Vaughan Brookfield