NZSBU 2010 Team Selection Call For Submission

October 13th, 2010

Deadline: 15th October


NZSBU would like to welcome all snowboarders interested in becoming a member of the NZSBU National Team or NZSBU Development Squad to submit a NZSBU Team Selection Submission.

The overall aim for the NZSBU Teams is to acknowledge and support those riders who have reached an international level in their respective gender, age division and/or competitive snowboard discipline.

Team selection is multi-level with consideration to the achievements and commitments by riders working towards their own individual goals.

All those interested in the team should complete an NZSBU Team selection submission and email it as an attachment to the NZSBU Sport Manager Mel Simmons: by Oct 15th 2010.

Make sure you pack your application with as much detail as possible, make it as comprehensive as you can – remember, Team Selection is a national scale contest in itself too, so fill it with as much info as you think necessary to sway the vote of those on the Selection Committee. Some on the Selection Panel will know who you are, others may not. SO, submit a solid application in order to be guaranteed the consideration you deserve.

If you’ve already sent your submission in, and you feel you need to add further detail, just tweak it and have it back to Mel by Oct 15th.

Winter Performance Programme (WPP)

The Winter Performance Programme is a service provider for high performance sports and elite sporting individuals.
Members of the NZSBU Teams who meet WPP criteria will also be nominated to the Winter Performance Programme for consideration.

For information regarding Athlete Selection for the Winter Performance Programme, please contact the WPP Snowboard Head Coach, Tom Willmott:

Download the NZSBU Team Selection Submission form here: NZSBU Team Selection Submission