Odd Folks – The Movie Now Online

September 21st, 2016

It’s hard to believe but not all that long ago these kids where the grommets of the perisher park. :: Finnegan Laver

Transfer | Louis Macindoe

When Aussie crew Odd folks premiered their first movie back in August at the Banjo people came in droves to watch. After being stashed back in the vault for a little while longer the full-length snowboard film has just been released online in conjunction with the Shred Bots.

Not since ‘There Goes’ in 2014 have we seen a full-length movie from a predominately all-Aussie cast. But that’s all changed with the release of the first Odd Folks film. If you’re unfamiliar with names like Jordy Crockford, Joel Cantle and Troy Sturrock then what kind of southern hemisphere snowboarder are ya? These names amongst others like Jye Kearney and Andy James should have you foaming at the gullet as you’re guaranteed to see some incredible riding from your fellow countrymen.