Olympic Committee Postpones Slopestyle Decision

November 8th, 2010

Peetu Piiroinen competing for the 2010 TTR World Tour lead during the Oneill Evolution slopestyle event in Europe last January.

TTR Release

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently announced in a press conference held at the IOC’s meeting in Acapulco, Mexico that it has postponed their decision on whether slopestyle will be included in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games until the spring of 2011. Officials of the IOC said, “The IOC is looking favorably at the proposed events but before making a final decision, they have decided to look at the outcome of the World Championships of all the respective sports.”

The TTR is enthusiastic that the IOC is considering the inclusion of slopestyle in the 2014 Olympic program and sees this postponement as an opportunity for the IOC to broaden its exposure and education with regard to slopestyle beyond the World Cup and World Championship arenas. The TTR has long been acquainted with competitive slopestyle on a global level. Events on the TTR World Tour have been running world-class slopestyle competitions reaching back to the early 1990’s. In the 2009/2010 season alone, the TTR held 148 slopestyle competitions on the calendar where 2,100 men and 655 women competed adding up to 5,307 individual results for the season. With the number of quality slopestyle events that are run each year by the TTR and the amount of riders who continually turn out to compete each season, the TTR’s knowledge and expertise of slopestyle is unparalleled.

Because slopestyle is currently not on the schedule for the snowboard World Championships in La Molina, Spain, the TTR invites IOC officials to attend any of the 6Star slopestyle events on the TTR World Snowboard Tour. This will provide the IOC with a first hand opportunity to see why TTR events are renown for attracting the world’s best slopestyle riders, state-of-the-art course design and innovative judging and formats. Moreover, these events will show IOC members how well slopestyle is established and embraced by the athletes, as well as snowboard enthusiasts around the globe.

The TTR also welcomes an open dialog with the IOC with the goal of providing key lessons and insights into slopestyle, gathered over the past eight years since the inception of the organization. The TTR offers the IOC its vast knowledge of freestyle snowboarding and its wealth of experience, in anticipation of adding slopestyle to the Olympic program in 2014.

The TTR looks forward to the IOC’s final decision on slopestyle in the Olympics and hopes to host the IOC members at a 6Star slopestyle event in the upcoming season.