Park Laps – Falls Creek 2010 Season Wrap

July 7th, 2010


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Highlights from the winter of 2010 at Falls Creek Australia.

Falls Creek, despite the lack of snow at the start of the winter still managed to have wombats open from day one till the end. We did have a record 70cm in two days as well as a double line of 50s and the signature ‘Jason Currie’ wallride in Ruined Castle open till the end. Also the Drovers park in full swing. The season also provided a number of snowfalls to film a bunch of urban jibbing throughout the resort.

Edit has a number of backing tracks.

Featuring the local snowboarding talent of Tom Clairs, Scott Wight, Alec Summers, Zac Mattschoss, Jason Currie, Daniel Currie, Jeremy Burns, Jeremy Richardson, Matto Smith, Reuben Cameron, Kieran McLaughlin, Tim Butler, Andrew Thomson, also with a skateboarders John Juric and Robert Campiciano.

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Benji Oppan and Tom Selwood head down the south of NZ for the end of season session and to shred with some of the local crew Brett Wilson and Tom Grooten at Cardrona and SnowParkNZ.

Big Ups to SponsorThis? apparel for helping make it happen and all the crew that layed down while we were down…Enjoy.

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Tim Nelson works up a spring session at Baw Baw.

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The final episode of Fisheye Fridays with Aussie Andy Lloyd. Featuring the delightful pop of Jye Kearney, the Lankiness of Darragh Walsh, the devilish taunts of Jake McCarthy and the hipster outfitting’s of Andy Lloyd.

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For more of Fisheye Friday’s – SCROLL DOWN….



This is meant to be a best of my 2010 Australian winter but it turns out I pretty much only had the camera out for one weekend, so here it is….just a few fun days cuttin’ laps in the park. Enjoy!

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Episode 3 of Fishey Fridays takes you on a tripped out journey around perishers terrain parks with local riders, Billy Hayman, Jackson Collings, Jake McCarthy, Matt Clifford, Cohen Davies, Jesse Kennedy and myself, Andy Lloyd. Filmed on a GoPro HD and a Cannon 550D with alot of help from, Anon Optics, K2 Snowboards, Holden Outerwear, Semantics Clothing and Vivo Headwear.

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A Day at Falls Creek with new Aussie talent Joel Fraser and Shaun Ingham.

First of many Third Chapter PEEPSHOW’S by Stu Ross.



It’s been a busy couple of weeks with World Rookie Fest, copious amounts of new snow and a few rebuilds of the park. This episode we’ve got some snowdancing from Ryan Tiene and Jai aswell as the usual suspects riding the parks.

With a refurbished Cruiser Beginner Park the mini shredding has been very popular. Charles spent a 16 hour day in the cat to build one of the funnest lil beginner parks we’ve had. In it there are 6 small jumps ranging from 5 – 15 feet a mini step up and a range of beginner jibs.

In High Noon we have the 30 stair handrail set up that is new for 2010 along with a 30ft and 40ft jump, 6m down box, down/flat/down rail, a new transfer hip, 6m candy cane rail and the hitching post set up pretty high.

Monster Airbag is still up and running and we’re getting prepped up for the Rip Curl Freeride and Throwdown competitions.

So get up here for a shred.

Sammy Towers Thredbo Park Manager



With the Drovers Terrain Park at Falls Creek completely rebuilt, Mat Galina rolled one smooth run through the new park on this sunny Saturday (August 7th).

Reubon Cameron and Matto Smith have built an awesome park featuring 2 jumps and 6 jib features to make the best line in Drovers Terrain Park history to date at Falls Creek.

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So here you go Perisher have finally got a park laps video going. Flow and Groovstar sponsored local Jae Haydon takes ya through some laps.

With nearly a metre of snow falling in the last few days the Thredbo Perisher park battle will surely be heating up.
Who’s up next? send in your vids.



Nick Hyne drops a Backside 720 – Frontside 1260 tail grab combo on Snow Parks jump line. The front 12 is ridiculously casual – getting ready to kick some arse in the NZ Open coming up in a couple of weeks. Yeah Hyner. Check out his part in Made You Look – insanely tech.




Matto Smith groomer and kiwi implant to Falls Creek runs some hits through the new park jump and wall ride set-up.



Thredbo Terrain Park Report is our way of showing you guys what features we have in at the current time.

The Episode features the riding of Charles Beckinsale, Gus St Leon, Ben Fawcett and more.

At the moment we have Cruiser Terrain Park open with a selection of smaller jumps (5) and 3 flat boxes.

High Noon Park has a 30ft and 40ft jump followed by a 6m Down Box, our new Down Flat Down rail, C-box, Street Style flat Box (skate ledge), Pole jam to Bonk bin and the candy cane stall feature.

We are hoping to have a sweet jib line in below the Monster Bagjump in coming weeks.

See ya on the hill.




Episode 2 was filmed at Mt Buller, Thredbo and Perisher with Australian riders, Ryan Tiene, Matt Sedunary, Mitch Williams, Lance Rees, Matt Clifford (Cliffo), Billy Hayman, Darragh Welsh and myself Andy Lloyd. Thanks to Anon Optics, K2 Snowboards, Holden Outerwear and Semantics for helping me out!



Watch Jye Kearney’s winning two hits at Thredbo Big Air last Tuesday.



Andrew Roth throwing a big double backside rodeo.

Edit by Wetsocks | Shaun Belmore.



Ride Thredbo Park with Ryan Tiene, Andy Lloyd, Dane Tiene, Charles Beckinsale and Jye Kearney. Fun Park, great song good GoPro cam footage.

Filmed and edited by | Ryan Tiene.

GoPro HD Hero cameras were used to make this video



Benji Oppan and crew in another Mt Hutt park edit for 2010.



Jindabyne local, 17 year old Jye Kearney takes you for a few PARK LAPS through Perisher last weekend.
Video by: Guy Miller



Early season video from Mt Hutt NZ.



Aussie shredder Andy Lloyd is back this year with a new season of his snowboard blog Fisheye Friday’s. This year based in Thredbo instead of Perisher, the first ep features some early season riding with Thredbo regs Ryan Tiene, Dane Tiene, Lance Rees and of course Lloydie himself.



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