Party Photos – Cattleman’s Rail Jam

July 12th, 2010

Damn what a massive night we had at the after party for the Cattleman’s Rail Jam. Transfer joined forces with Burton Snowboards to hold the official after party for at Mt Buller’s legendary “Rooha” bar that’s just a few staggering steps away from the event.

A couple hundred people partied pretty damn hard in the private back room with Corona’s and Jagermeister flowing thick and fast while DJ Rizz kept the whole crew pumped. The party continued and expanded rapidly when the back room opened up and the tunes and vibe spread out to the open public bar. By the time we left, not sure what time that was (but Ryan Tiene had been booted out – wait for his blog of the party – major mayhem) the whole bar was going mad – the Rooha didn’t know what hit it. As rain hammered down outside most people were severely motivated to make the most out of the weekend at the bar.

All Photos: Mitch Tomlinson

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