Photos – Rail Event Stylewars Day 3, 2010

August 24th, 2010

Last day of Stylewars and the event was again cancelled, but the rail jam went off in puking powder.

Mark Mcmorris winner

Sebastian Toutant second place

Mark Mcmorris winner

It’s been a long 3 days for contest director Rich Hegarty with no Stylewars action except for the rail event. Question isn’t will he hold the event again next year, rather why are you reading this on the internet instead of being in Falls riding all that sick powder in this photo. Look at that!

The winners podium. Jye, Mark, Sebastian.

Jye Kearney won best local rider.

Photos – Stylewars Day 2, 2010

Transfer’s senior photographer Jake McBride reports in from another shit day of weather at Falls Creek yesterday. In the afternoon there was a rail jam practice session for tonight’s 28-stair Rail Comp.

The Canadians chilling in the spa Aussie style.

The Canadians chilling in the spa Aussie style.

Pete Long tail press on the 28-stair rail set-up.

Canada’s Sebastien Toutant with a super tech switch backside 360 to switch 50-50 gap.

Canadian Sebastien Toutant is fresh off a impressive week at the Red Bull performance camp in NZ where he was stomping switch double backside rodeo 1080’s – hot damn!

Photos – Stylewars Day 1, 2010

Our senior photographer Jake McBride reports in from Day 1 at one of Australia’s longest running TTR World Snowboard Tour events as it kicks off for another at Falls creek.

The first day was a foggy/snowy down day with no competition, and with more snow and fog forecast the 3 day event might succumb to lodge fever and drinking games.

The locker room looking full.

The young Aussie guns.

The older Aussie guns.

The TTR World Tour leader Braaten Gjermund from Norway keeping busy on a down day in the village with a frontside rock.