Photos – The Storming Australian Premiere

September 25th, 2010

Ryan Tiene – holding it together with all thumbs up and looking stoked for the premiere. In reality he was shitting bricks and nervous as hell. His part was amazing.

Words: Russell Holt | Photos: Andrew Fawcett

The Australian Premiere – Chauvel Cinema Sydney, Friday 24th, 2010.

Last night around 250 people rolled up for a visual and sound feast on the new snowboard film – The Storming from Standard Films company featuring Australia’s Ryan Tiene.

After a few bevvies in the Chauvel Cinema’s classic foyer the party moved into the rad old-school 350-seat Cinema for a couple of chaotic speeches with Ryan and a few giveaways that included a push-up contest for a new DC board.

By the time the film kicked off the crowd was mildly liquored and ready to get pretty rowdy. First part was a banger from American Sammy Luebke who just charged Alaskan lines with full speed mayhem. There was loads of POV footage, which gave a new dimension to AK sections and really helped show how gnarly it really is. The last shot of his part was amazing – he fought through a ‘white-room’ situation going full speed down dodgy section of a huge mountain, he was blind for about 10 seconds at top speed but amazingly stayed on his feet and blasting out the bottom.

Second part went to the incredible Halldor Helgason from Iceland who threw down a blinding array of rail tricks and double corks. He stomped a sick backside double cork 1260 and the rail tricks were more to mention and included a nose-press through a double kink to 360 out and a backside 180 on to 50-50 to switch back 360 out… WHOA..

Third part following Halldor’s hammer part was local boy Ryan Tiene. There was a big roar in the cinema as his name came up on the screen and Tiene speed into the frame in a full-speed tuck towards a jump. The next 2 minutes of his part was stacked with solid, style-ridden backcountry powder and pillow lines. He dropped some huge cliffs and sent it of numerous backcountry jumps with style that could have been mistaken for a Devun Walsh part. Ryan’s style in his part and was definitely a big highlighting factor to his part and the crowd was super appreciative with another cheer and round of applause at the end.

It was a big sigh of relief from Tiene who hadn’t even seen his part or the movie before this screening. After his part a pretty mediocre 5-minute montage of girls parts followed to mellow out the vibe. (to be honest – it could have been left out of the movie, although its still good to see some girls in the movie).

Highlight for the rest of the movie, which went for 45 minutes in total were Kazuhiro Kokubo’s part (the Japanese ninja), then there was some more crazy AK and European big mountain lines from Xavier Delarue and then of course last part came…

Torstein Horgmo bagged last part with a 2-song part that included multiple double corks; frontside, backside and switch backside… a multitude of ridiculous rail tricks in the streets around the world and then finished with his now famous frontside triple cork!!

After the movie the party continued back in the foyer of the cinema before the 200 odd people got booted to the streets of Paddington…

When we asked Tiene what he thought of his part he responded: “I’m my biggest critic bro, all it made me want to do was get back to Whistler and start shooting again!”.. Meanwhile he was getting hi fives and congrats from all the crew and crowd at the party.

Big thanks to DC Shoes for helping putting on the gig.

Be sure to look out for the movie on iTunes or at your local snowboard store.. It’s a keeper for sure and you’ll be wearing out the pause / play button real fast.

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