Roxy Pays Tribute to Torah Bright

March 16th, 2010


Australian-born professional snowboarder Torah Bright, who currently resides in the U.S., is not only one of the most popular and talented international athletes, she is also a dynamic woman off the slopes.

After a decade of mastering her snowboarding style, Torah has become one of the most photographed female snowboarders in the world and has been featured on countless billboards, newspapers, magazines and televisions campaigns globally. As one of the few women who can throw down a switch backside 720 in competition, Torah has also been a dominant force in progressing the sport of snowboarding. As Torah explains, “It takes a lot of time and emotionally it’s hard too, taking the beatings and picking yourself up again. But once you’ve got it, it’s amazing!” As a ROXY team rider, Torah has taken the snowboard world by storm.

Although Torah joined the Roxy team in 1999, she has loved the snow since she was born. By two, Torah was on skis and by eleven she emerged onto the snowboarding scene. Torah’s halfpipe expertise has led to amazing achievements including winning the 2007 TTR Women’s World Tour, the 2007 and 2008 Burton Global Open Series, gold at the 2007 and 2009 Winter X Games, the 2008 and 2009 Burton US Open Snowboarding Championship and the 2008 World Superpipe Championship. It all ultimately led to this year’s gold medal win at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Torah achieved gold by throwing out the her signature switch backside 720, a double-blind trick, on the second run of the finals. Bright rallied from a 5.9 score in the first run of the finals to capture the gold with a phenomenal comeback in the final round. Her second and final run consisted of a backside 360 to switch McTwist 720 to backside 540 to air to fakie and ending with a corked cab 720. She scored a solid 45.0 and landing the first place spot on the podium.

While Torah has proven herself to be one of the most accomplished and technical snowboarders in the world, she is also one of the most beloved. Torah was chosen by the Australian National Team to carry the country’s flag during the opening ceremonies, an honor bestowed upon her by her peers.

This snowboarding champion chases her passion around the globe. While in the north, Torah spends time in her beloved historic home in Salt Lake City, UT. She spends the other half of the year training and competing in New Zealand and her homeland of Australia. Torah is very close with her family and shares the bond of snow sports with them. Her older sister, Rowena, was a ski racer who competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics and her younger sister, Abby, also rides professionally.
Torah’s brother Ben, a retired pro snowboarder, is also her coach and travels with her. Ben has been a tremendous support to Torah, as both a brother and a coach, “Over the years things become easier, things click, but a big part of that is my brother who coaches me,” she says.

During the 2008/09 winter season, Torah was the first Roxy athlete to launch a signature series. The “Roxy Bright Edition” women’s outerwear and hard goods collection is a perfect outlet for Torah to express her personal style. Torah consistently ignites fashion trends on the slope and other athletes follow her lead. Some of her signature looks include bright colors, prints and rhinestones.

With a smile always on her face, she is constantly described as “gracious” and “charming” and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who meets her. Ben Bright adds, “Torah works hard, she takes the bumps and the bruises and then she gets back up again, she will try until she succeeds.” The snowboarding world expects big things from Torah and she will have no trouble accomplishing them.

Torah’s Competitive Stats


  • 1st Halfpipe 2010 Vancouver Olympics


  • 1st Halfpipe LG Snowboard FIS World Cup, Saas-Fee, Switzerland
  • 1st Halfpipe Burton US Open
  • 1st Superpipe ESPN Winter X Games 13
  • 1st Superpipe Toyota Championship – Winter Dew Tour


  • 2nd TTR World Snowboard Tour 07/08
  • 1st Burton Global Open Champion
  • 2nd Superpipe ESPN Winter X Games 12
  • 2nd Halfpipe Burton European Open
  • 1st Halfpipe X-Trail Nippon Open
  • 1st Superpipe World Superpipe Championship
  • 1st Halfpipe Burton US Open
  • 2nd Halfpipe ROXY Chicken Jam (USA)


  • 1st TTR World Snowboard Tour Champion 06/07
  • 1st Burton Global Open Champion
  • 1st Halfpipe Burton New Zealand Open
  • 4th Slopestyle Burton New Zealand Open
  • 2nd Halfpipe ROXY Chicken Jam (USA)
  • 3rd Slopestyle ROXY Chicken Jam (USA)
  • 2nd Superpipe Burton European Open
  • 2nd Slopestyle Burton US Open
  • 3rd Halfpipe Burton US Open
  • 1st Superpipe World Superpipe Championships
  • 1st Halfpipe X-Trail Nippon Open
  • 1st Halfpipe EXPN Winter X Games 11


  • 1st Halfpipe Burton US Open
  • 1st Superpipe World Superpipe Championships
  • 1st Vans Cup


  • 1st Arctic Challenge, Tromso, Norway
  • 2nd Burton US Open
  • 1st Nippon Open
  • 3rd FIS World Cup
  • 3rd Slopestyle ROXY Chicken Jam (USA)