Shaun White Interview – Sydney

September 24th, 2010

We put on our best 60-minutes impression for the interview, although when someone called us “today tonight” it burst our journalistic bubble.

*On Thursday we were lucky enough to get a sitdown interview with Shaun White, while he was in Sydney for 2 days to promote his new Oakley sunglasses the HOLBROOK’S .

Shaun is arguably the most recognisable action sports athletes on the planet right now, those flowing red-locks of his certainly assist his notoriety just as much as his 2 gold medals at consecutive Winter Olympic games and his unbeatable record of wins in the snowboard U-ditch. Oh and how can you forget his X-Games medal records in both snowboardnig and skateboard – this kid is a machine, but also a pretty rad human – as we found out.

We took this unique opportunity to sit down with the White Ginga and do a thorough interview, hitting with some upfront quetsions we have been wondering about for a long time. We got him to open up on a number of topics including what he thinks on Skateboarding in the Olympics, Torstein Horgmo, triple corks, who’s the next Shaun White and marijuana.

The full feature video interview will be out very soon right here – stay tuned.