Snow Park NZ Releases Seasons Pass Sales

April 30th, 2009


April 28: Snow Park NZ Releases Seasons Pass Sales

Snow Park Seasons passes go on sale today and pre seasons rates will be available until the end of may before pass rates go to in seasons prices.

Adult passes are $799 and Under 18 passes are $450. Passes can be bought online and sale will take place through the Snow Farm NZ website secure server, which will be linked to from the Snow Park NZ Website.

Snow Park is set for a great season with recent dirt modifications being made to the box run to allow a third line to be installed to allow for a full progression line from beginner to advanced. We have rebuilt one of the earth jumps to allow to open the season as a true table. The Halfpipe is expected to Open late July as per normal and will be to the highest possible standard.

Snow Park event calendar features 4 events this year meaning more of our resources are going into shaping the park for the public, something we are very excited about. Seasons Pass holders and day ticket buyers are our priority this year and we have few distractions. We will be hosting 5 events this season: Electric Hip, Billabong Bro Down, Chop BBQ, Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam and the Maori Downhill. All of these events give a lot back to snowboarding and skiing and fit right in with our focus on everyone who rides at the park.

“The team at Snow Park is really excited about the season ahead. We have gone back t our roots of providing fun exciting terrain for everyone. We have scaled back the number of events for this year which gives us almost every night of the season to step back and initiate changes and developments that will benefit everyone who is riding at the park. Its going to be a great season to be a seasons pass holder at the park.” – Sam Lee, General Manager

Snow Park NZ opens July 4th and scheduled closing date is the 3rd of October. Passes can be bought by going to the Snow Park NZ Website and clicking on the buy pass link on the front page.