Snowboard Set-ups – June 2010

June 29th, 2010

If you smoke cigarettes, like your bicycles fixed, not afraid of a deep V and have a couple of sketchy tats, then this set up could be for you.


Jacket: Holden Hagin jacket $699
Your leather jacket is fine for the bar, but not for the hill, wear something that will keep you warm and dry, that way you will at least have a couple of stories for the bar.
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Pant: Holden Simmons $549
They’re not skinny just fitted, why look fatter than you really are? Just make sure you watch that back leg tuck knee.
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Boots: DC Park Boot $369.95
The DC Park Boot is on the soft-flex side making if perfect to hike the jib park or stand around smoking a ciggy.
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Board: DWD Sean Genovese Pro Model $799.00
Dinosaurs Will Die (DWD) is run by two of the hippest snowboarders around, Jeff Keenan and Sean Genovese. Perfect for the Hipster shredder.

Binding: Union Contact $339
Bomb proof and affordable, just like that pair of jeans you haven’t washed in 2 years.
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Goggles: Ashbury Kaleidoscope $149.95 (with 2 Bonus Lenses)
Anyone in the know rocks these, and having 2 bonus lenses also makes it a smart purchase.
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Gloves: POW Stealth $129.95
These gloves are not only long lasting and practical they are also trendy.
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