Teaser Time 2010 – Respect Your Elders

July 1st, 2010

:: All the best snowboard teasers for 2010 ::



From Travis Parker and Josh Dirksen comes a movie that calls itself a movie, “for people who love snowboarding”.

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TURN ON – TUNE OUT – DROP IN is Nitro Snowboards new team movie set to drop in a month or so. The teaser is dope – hammers dropping form the sky like Armageddon and the music track to back it. Looks like it will be a good one with one of the strongest teams out there:


Eero Ettala Nils Arvidsson
Markus Keller Thomas Feurstein
Marc Swoboda Gjermund Braaten
Bryan Fox Anton Bilare
Jon Kooley Basti Rittig
Ben Bilocq Manuel Diaz
Erik Botner Justin Benne
Anton Gunnarsson Will Tuddenham
Elias Elhardt Jules Reymond

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With all the big names coming out of Europe and some freaky Euro steez, this film looks epic and its going to be a free download! Amazing – well done.

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From the now infamous Pirate Production team… HOOKED is our newest treasure featuring all aspects of snowboarding. Expect mad rail slaughtering, natural backcountry snowboarding and fine cinematography! The movie represents the potential of European Snowboarding at it’s best, and even comes out in a 100 page art book again. This analog bonus material covers other talents of involved pirates and friends.

Locations: Stockholm/Sweden; Oslo/Norway; Helsinki/Finland; Arlberg/Austria; Avoriaz/France; Madonna/Italy; Jackson Hole, Tahoe, Montana/USA; Akureyri/Iceland; and many many more

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When you see a video that is really good, you may say, “that video was SICK”, and we know everyone loves a good snowboard film. So that’s exactly what Flow wanted to do this year when we labeled the video, Witness the Sickness. This video is built from a year of snowboarding that was truly SICK. The team hit snow just right in Japan for waist deep conditions, witnessed Scotty Lagos’ Olympic adventures, found some of the best rail spots throughout Minnesota, while hitting up parks across the country, making this years video a truly well rounded and complete snowboard experience. Riders featured include, Tim Humphreys, Jeremy Thompson, Scot Brown, Sarka Pancochova, Brandon Reis, and the rest of the Flow team. Flow Snowboarding partnered with Rubbish this year to bring you another epic flick with the best quality edit, sound and filming around the industry today. Also brought to you by these supporting brands; Matador, and NXTZ. Enjoy, and most importantly get out and Snowboard!




Every year every snowboarder waits everywhere for the new Absinthe release – This year the teaser Nowhere is released and you are watching it here.

Enjoy – it will surely be one of the standout films of the year.

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Movement can give the illusion of progress. And they say that all the world is illusion. So what is the difference between exploring and being lost? In a winter that brought an exceptional amount of challenges to riders all over the world, Absinthe’s newest snowboard film reminds us how much our reality is affected by what we make of it. Whether you are lost … or exactly where you want to be … all depends on how you look at it.

NOW/HERE RIDERS: Dan Brisse, Jake Blauvelt, Gigi Rüf, Lucas Debari, Fredi Kalbermatten, Sylvain Bourbousson, Romain deMarchi, DCP, JP Solberg, Annie Boulanger, Marie-France Roy, Bjorn Leines, Taka Nakai, Tadashi Fuse, Jules Reymond, Cale Zima, Blair Habenicht, Terje Haakonsen, Bode Merrill, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Nicolas Müller




We love Alterna films – they always have next level angles and riding. Check their new film’s teaser.

Here is the official teaser for alterna films latest hd offering titled hello world
hello world will deliver inspired filmmaking and technical freestyle snowboarding at its highest level.

A few highlights to look for will include a rare visit to the war torn streets of bosnia herzegovina as well as shredding the pow of the middle east.

Rider Line Up:

Benji Ritchie, Mikey Rencz
Jesmond Dubeau, Wiley Tesseo
Devun Walsh, Chris Dufficy
Dave Short, Eero Niemela
Tadej Valentan, Chris Rasman
Jf Fortin, Marius Otterstad
Vera Janssen, Craig Beaulieu
Gaetan Chanut

And Friends…

Expect Full Length Film Fall 2010

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PeepShow presents “Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow” featuring Desiree Melancon, Terra Michilot, Laura Hadar, Marie Hucal, Robin Van Gyn, Esthera Preda, Colleen Quigley, Jess Kimura, June Bhongjan, Nicki Slechta, Laurie Gauvin and friends.

_For more info check out www.peepshowfilms.com _

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Well here it is the new teaser from Standard featuring Australia’s Ryan Tiene along with Torstein Horgmo, Kazu Kokubo, Hieki Helgason and many more… Movie is set to drop this September. You’ll be able to check out the national premiere tour put on by Transfer Magazine, DC and Monster. More info coming soon – stay tuned.



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The Videograss crew brings you the newest movie titled “Bon Voyage”. Things went really well this season, so expect some mind melting parts from Justin Bennee, Mikey Leblanc, Jed Anderson, Nima Jalali, Gus Engle, Jon Kooley, Laurent Nicolas Paquin, Louif Paradis, Alex Cantin, Jordan Mendenhall, Johnny Miller, Will Tuddenham, Ben Bilocq, Jonas Michilot, Chris Grenier, Darrell Mathes, Nick Dirks, and friends. New faces, new places, its gonna be a great ride…See you all in August… Bon Voyage!



Wildcard Movies presents the first of 3 teasers for their new feature “The Saturday Night Ride”. These will get you trained and ready for the Main Event. Movie coming Septemeber…




The latest to drop is a Volcom movie about Snowboarder Of The Year Gigi Ruff and his mates. What a fricken rad prospect, Volcom always make tripped out classic movies and with Gigi in front of the lens all year, the movie has all the makings of a classic. Look out for cameo appearances by Kiwi Will Jackways who has been filming with the boys on a road trip through the states this past Nth Hemi winter.


Gigi Ruff
Wille Yli-Luoma
Bryan Iguchi
Luke Mitrani
Curtis Ciszek
Blair Habernicht
Nicolas Muller
Jake Blauvelt
Wolle Nyvelt



Longtime veterans of the game, FODT and MFM have teamed up once again to bring you another classic chart-topper to add to your collection. Installment number ten in the FODT library, “The Arena” brings you to a place where our riders put it all on the line for the thrill of victory and sometimes the agony of defeat.

With an all star list of the most influential and stylish riders such as MFM, Lucas Magoon, Johnnie Paxson, Dylan Thompson, Travis Kennedy, Jonah Owen, Jake Devine, Derek Dennison and several other guest appearances, you can expect hammers from beginning to end. From home turf SLC all the way to Warsaw, Poland, witness our crew handle everything in their path and leave people talking for years to come. Take your chance and step into “The Arena”.
-Cole Taylor

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Don’t Panic! Yes, you should not panic. Why panic? Things are good, aren’t they? Speaking of “things”….”Don’t Panic!” is also the name for IsenSevens 2010 movie.
We travelled to powdery Euro resorts, snowed-in German and Scandinavian cities, slushy California parks, Russian ghettos and all kinds of other fun places…..except Vegas. No snow there this year.
With a bunch of new riders, familiar faces and new additions to the production team, we regrouped to form a snowboard-movie-super-alliance which even the United Nations couldn’t shake a stick at.
Equipped with fancy schmancy cameras and cool cranes/jibs/dollys/cable cams/filming monkeys we set out to make yet another fine movie filled with the typical fun riding, banger bangers, people doing stupid things, rails, pow, park, bright and flashy colors and little snow caves.
This years team consists of the usual suspects Fredrik Evensen, Christophe Schmidt, Ludwig Lejkner, Fips & Tobi Strauss, Alex Tank, Tom Klocker, Marco Smolla and the new additions of the swiss connection Colin Frei & David Bertschinger Karg, Austro kicker machine Benny Wetscher, Norwegian viking Sindre Iversen, Italian supermodel Simon Gruber, Scotlands real Braveheart Gary Greenshields and Norwegian super-kid Gjermund Bråten. So be sure to bring your barf bags cause there’s going to be some spinning that will make you dizzy!
The movie will be released mid September and the whole gang can’t wait to show you their new baby.





F’ It is the 7th team-inspired film brought to you by Special Blend, Forum and Foursquare, and stars John Jackson, Stevie Bell, Nic Sauve, Jake Welch, Niko Cioffi, Cameron Pierce, Austen Sweetin and The Youngbloods. Due to various injuries at the most inappropriate of times, F’ It will co-star Peter Line, Pat Moore, Andreas Wiig and Daniel Ek.

Instead of dishing out the usual dose of marketing bullshit about how great the movie is and what to expect, here are some quotes on the film straight from the riders’ mouths:

“With Pat out of the picture, I might actually have a shot at getting the opener!”

“Nic has such nice hair, I wonder if he is sponsored by Suave?”

“Peter’s so legendary, he doesn’t even need a part.”

“How did John manage to have a better season than last year?!?”

“You think Andreas looks good when he’s filming? You should see how good he looks when he isn’t.”

“Who the F is Austen Sweetin?”

Coming Fall 2010 to a snowboard shop near you, along with iTunes digital download, stay tuned for more information on F’ It



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Japan’s Tadashi Fuse and friends started and own Heart Films company. After years as Japan’s most recognisable snowboarder and securing hammer part after hammer part in many international films next to the likes (and in the liking) of Devun Walsh – Tadashi started Heart Films in 2006 with the goal to create a bridge for the Japanese snowboard scene to be seen by the international audience. This year will be their 4th installment. Vol.4.

Starring – Tadashi Fuse, Akifumi Hiraoka, Takafumi Konishi, Futa Adachi, Yutaka Muraki, Tomohide Inoue, Yuta Watanabe, Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg, Kazuumi Fujita.



Sandbox have just dropped their new teaser from Whistler. Southern Hemi shreds Jake Koia (NZ) and Ryan Tiene (AUS) are filming with these guys again this year.

Check out the early season edit.