The Best Movies for 2010

September 15th, 2009

By Mark Catsburg 

I realise it’s a bit late to be talking teasers and you super snow nerds out there will have seen all of these at least a couple times, but in case you missed some or in case you aren’t as big a snow geek as some of us… here are the teasers for the movies that I am looking forward to watching, loving and most probably talking shit on in 2010.



Jan Snarski! Who knew filming a bunch of girls snowboarding would pay off so well. I think it helps he can drink most of those other dudes under the table, being from tasmania and all… Also Sean McCormick who used to film the Team Thunder movies and let me sleep on his couch, raid his fridge and bail some of us out of jail filmed this one too. He’s a lovely fella.


Team Thunder: Beauville

My old Salt Lake crew. I obviously haven’t had a shot in one of their movies for a few years, but Gold Country last year pulled a bunch of these kids out of the gutters and into the limelight, and they seriously snowboard like it’s the best time in the world, and it shows in the flicks for sure.


Think Thank: Cool Story

These guys are always on some other level ways of snowboarding. It’s like a mojito on a hot day, that shit is REFRESHING!


Transworld: Get Real.

Hippy Jump.


Bozwreck: Bozwreck 3000

Hey hey hey hey…………Smoke weed everyday.


FODT: Hard To Earn.

Could it be these guys have run out of graffitied up walls to pose in front of and are focusing more on RIPPING? Looks like that might be the case. Thank God! Still , I doubt the film will be entirely free of exaggerated hand gestures.


People: Nice Try

Kind of a wierd teaser, but I’m sure this one will be good. Kooley, Mendenhal and new recruit Will Tuddenham make it a must see. Their last movies were incredible.

And of course this one, which you should watch every year if you can get your hands on a copy.

The more things change, the more they stay the same… Na’mean?
See you at the premieres?