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February 4th, 2010



This is a clip of my headcam B-shots from my season filming for The Storming. It kinda made me a little sick making it, but i hope its ok to watch!
I can’t wait to get back there now after watching this, it makes me remember why I love snowboarding!

GoPro HD Hero cameras were used to make this video.

Buy The Storming over here .


I just found this bad boy clip on Youtube. It’s from behind the scenes of filming for the DC movie Mtn Lab 1.5 at Snow Park NZ back in 2007. The whole DC team was there with Ken Block driving around in his rally car! It was sketchy times and I was almost murdered! Watch the clip to see it.


Check out a few days of shredding I did with the endeavour crew and Mitch Williams at Thredbo this spring, it was some good times!

Snow is over right now, but keep posted for my summer blog video then I’m back to Whistler for more wintery goodness!

GoPro HD Hero cameras were used to make this video.


My new blog – a week in NZ with Oakley, heli-time and luxury. Then back home to oz and Falls Creek for Drinkwars.. I mean Stylewars.

GoPro HD Hero cameras were used to make this video.


Standard Films gave us some Contour films at the start of the filming season for us to use and I got really into it. These clips are some shots that Sam Luebke and I grabbed over the winter – the more cameras on me the better? hahaha .


We Ventured to Mt Hotham for a Transfer Snowboard Magazine photo trip a few weeks back before all the snow came… Hotham decked us out with a sick pad so we could shred the hit runs..! check it!

GoPro HD Hero cameras were used to make this video.


I cruised down to Mt Buller this weekend with my little bro Dane to check out the Cattleman’s Rail Jam, do a bit of judging and party it up with the crew. It got loose – salty style…

GoPro HD Hero cameras were used to make this video.


THREDBO V’s PERISHER… We hit up the Perisher and Thredbo parks, did some cartwheels and got my Ambassadorian pass all in 2 days, then we got our shred on with Mitch and Matt from Melbourne.

GoPro HD Hero cameras were used to make this video.


After a long season filming with Standard I got back to Whistler for one more session filming with Sandbox on their end of season jump on Blackcomb. Unfortunately I bruised by tailbone and didn’t get any shots so just started partying… Now I’m back in Australia and its been good to get home and let my hair down! Not that i ever wear it too high but just been getting a little looser of late! Haha…
Got a few good days of waves when I got home but we didn’t seem to get much footage for the blog so we filled this edit with some partying we did at the end of the season! Matt came up the coast to my place at Port Mac and we caught up with one of Aussies most promising girl shreders – Jessica Rich!

Anyways…enjoy this edit – it’s pretty loose, but stay tuned cause my blog is continuing on Transfer and I’m moving to Jindabyne for the season!!! I promise I will have some Aussie snowboarding in the next one!

GoPro HD Hero cameras were used to make this video.


Just a video of all the good times we had over the last 5 months boarding babes bronzing and manginas! Haha outa here on thursday for some waves so stoked!

GoPro HD Hero cameras were used to make this video.


Spring time park laps with Matt Sedunary, myself and our ol mate Mitch Willaims from Mt Buller. Hoodies, slush and good Tiene’s… Ha. Enjoy.

GoPro HD Hero cameras were used to make this video.


The small stance tight pants revolution – Matt Sendunary and I test out what all the fuss is about.

GoPro HD Hero cameras were used to make this video.


GoPro HD Hero cameras were used to make this video.


Here is the edit from the Deep Winter Contest I did earlier this yeah with Canadian photographer Colin Adair for King Snow Magazine. We had 3-days to shoot a slide show with a theme that covers snowboarding in the 80s 90s and now, it was hard work but turned out pretty cool!
Check it out think we pulled it off pretty well ha ha!


It’s been dumping in Whistler so me and some of the Aussie boys Matt Sedunary and Joel Fraser went and shredded tha pow POV style. Matt then helped me edit this clip for ya viewing Pleasure.

:: Ryan ::

GoPro HD Hero cameras were used to make this video.


My webclip from DC: The Reason. Mostly stuff I got filming with Sandbox last year in and around Whistler.


I’ve been doing some filming with my crew at Sandbox Films as well here in Whistler. I’ve filmed with these guys for 2 years prioir to hooking up with Standard and they’re all my bros..
Here’s a little teaser (above) they have just released of us shredding some fun pow on Whistler.
And (below) is the first full teaser of the season they released a back in January.

Photo : Jordan Langdon

First Filming Trip for Standard Films

January, 2010 Ottawa, Canada.

Yep my first trip for Standard films was a jib trip! Heavy ha-ha. So me and Matt Belzile checked out the weather for Whistler, where I’m spending the season as a base for filming, and it was looking pretty shitty for the next week so we decided to get out of there and hit the streets. We decided to hit Ottawa cause Matt is from there and he had a car and pad we could crash at and its not as played out as some of the other city zones in North America.

Day 1:

Busted by the police! Copas copas copas punch em in the face copa copa copa your still a copa and you’re gay!! … Nah all good they just told us to piece so we hit up this down rail matt knew of that was really steep and was a bit of a knee jerker so we packed it up for the day hit home depot and got a generator and lights before a scoping mission to make a plan for the rest of the week. Lucky for us Matt’s homie from back in the day still was into hitting rails and showed us some mad spots on the recno so we made some plans and got after it!

Day 2:

We hit a flat bar to wall and it was good times, although I didn’t really do it the way I wanted but what-evs… We then hit up a down bar at night took me 64 tries to get my trick yeah – rails are a bitch!

Day 3:

Next day we were pretty tired from the night before so we had a little sleep in and went and set up this wall ride Matt had been scoping for last couple of years but never got around to hit it. We built it in the afternoon and went back at night and had a session – it worked so we were stoked got a shot and only had to scorpion on the landing once!

Day 4:

I’m coming down with the flu and I’m popping Advil like skittles – my body hates me! Still, gotta film so we went back and tried to rebate the flat bar to wall from day 2, but I was two sick so Matt had a session and I just chilled before we went and check out Canadian Parliament and a few other buildings – setting up a few features to go back to the next day still we got home at 3.30am, not the mellow day I needed!

Day 5:

I wake up early and try to put in a big day after feeling pretty useless from the day before! So we put in some work! We hit a rail to bank across from the Parliament, it was fun but not all time so we moved on and hit an over rail to wall ride feature, I was pretty stoked on it but the landing was bogus and it was getting dark so we went and got some food and moved to a new feature a wall to wall corner-bowl styles at a school. I got all JP walker on it and did some flips and shiz – stoked!

Day 6:

Last day and we wake up early go bang off the rail to wallride that’s been bugging us, we put in like 5 mins on the landing and boom I got my trick first – T happy chap! Matt had heard of a rail out in Cornwall, which is on the St Laurant river on the boarder of Canada and the US. The thing had a massive U-bolt lock on it but lucks for us and we have a hack saw handy and make light work well it was light for me – I just watched Matt do most of the work ha-ha! Matt gets his trick and I’m pretty run down and over it by this stage so I’m just chilling. But in the mix of all this rail riding some sketchy random guy rolls up and he is like “seen any cops?” I was like, “no” he was like, “cool” and he got on a walky talky and said something he walked over to his van and 3 other vans roll up by this stage we were thinking this guy is sketchy! They all drive next to each other, then all roll out and head to the river not 2-mins later we hear a boat ripping across the river with no lights and 5 cop cars pull up… shit’s getting hectic some guy starts running towards us with cops chasing after him!! It was pretty, just like I was watching cops! The cop came up to us and talked to us after and he was like can you ID the guy for me… but in the end we didn’t have to as this guy confessed to the cops and it turned out they were smuggling tobacco and other gear across the river to the US, I’m guessing coke or pingers! For once cops were stoked on us hitting a rail so it turns out not all coppas are gay!
:: Ryan

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