Thredbo Park News – New Rail photos

May 31st, 2010


From Charles Beckinsale – Snowboard park manager Thredbo, Australia.

I have some news regarding the terrain parks at Thredbo; we have a new airbag, which is common knowledge by now, but the latest on that is the earthworks for the airbag to sit on have been completed along with four new snowguns to ensure it is all set ready to go when the bag arrives.

We have increased our park staff from six staff to nine to make sure all our parks are in mint condition every lap of the day and we have just got the go ahead to build five new park features including a 8m stair feature, a 10m down-flat-down rail, a 6m flat box, a 6m down narrow box and a 6m flat bar.

Some of these new jibs will make an appearance in the first Thredbo Freeride Series event of the season: the rails event on Saturday the 19th of June.

The photo is one side of the 8m stair-set, it’s so sick I can’t fit it all in the photo. I’ll send you some more pics when they are all finished and painted up but that won’t be for another few weeks.

Cheers – Charles.



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