Torah Bright’s Gold Medal Parade – Cooma

April 11th, 2010

Australia’s snowboard Olympic gold medal winner led a motorcade on Saturday for Olympians of the Snowy Mountains Region in her hometown of Cooma, NSW.About a thousand people turned up to congratulate the Olympians in the main street of Cooma before a public ceremony was held in Centennial Park to honor their achievements.

That’s the regular news…. now this…


Transfer were more pre-occupied with “Dude 1, Dude 2 and Dude 3” (shown here in the photo) who were just 3 random men out for a financial business luncheon in country NSW on a Saturday morning or… more likely they were Torah’s security detail as she strolled the streets of (gang-land) Cooma. It was kind of weird – they look like the are protecting George Bush and about to stab anyone young child that gets too close for a hug or an autograph. Although it is her hometown after all, and there must be thousands of people wanting to kill her, right?

Torah is already on her way back to the USA after only coming to Australia for 24 hours specifically for the ‘welcome home’ parade!
We love Torah but common – a bit of overkill AOC.