TSOA – Gloves Test

August 20th, 2010


In this Transfer Stamp Of Approval we test 3 of the more popular gloves out there and see if they are worthy of protecting your hands from the elements and enduring all conditions. And let’s face it, without hands it’s impossible to chuck a method, it’s impossible to lay a hand drag while doing a deep arse powder turn and we all know how boring snowboarding would be without a few methods or fat pow turns!

The three gloves that we put through their paces in this Transfer Stamp Of Approval glove challenge were:
1. The POW Stealth Glove $124.95
2. The Dakine Titan Glove $119.95
3. The Burton Gore Glove $119.95

The POW Stealth Glove $124.95


The POW Stealth glove was the only full leather glove in the Transfer Stamp Of Approval tests. The Stealth did struggle with a couple of the challenges, but the important thing to remember is that this glove is like a fine bottle of wine, it just gets better with age. Leather gloves do need a little more care and attention throughout the season; including regular treatment with a waterproofing wax, such as Nikwax. This not only extends the life of the glove it also allows the glove to remain waterproof, while improving the fit and dexterity as the season progresses.

The Dakine Titan Glove $119.95


The Dakine Titan glove has more features than a top of the line Lamborghini; Gore- Tex inserts and Thermoloft insulation, this glove was very consistent in all of the challenges proving that the features are not just for show. An added bonus is the Titan also comes with a fleece liner for those really cold days, along with two types of goggle wipes, storm cuffs and even pre-curved fingers. All these gloves are missing is the ability to make your snowboarding better.

The Burton Gore Glove $119.95


The Burton Gore glove could possibly be the illegitimate brother of the Titan glove, also proving itself as one of the front runners in the challenges. The Gore glove features much of the same technology as the Titan; including Gore-Tex inserts, extra fleece liners and a goggle wipe. The Gore glove has that little extra attention to detail that Burton is known for and includes snap tabs for keeping the gloves together, hidden zippers and larger pull tabs for easy use.

So which glove took out the Transfer Stamp Of Approval Glove challenge? Watch the video and see if these gloves got the stamp that all the cool brands want.