VIDEO – Austrian Fresh Powder Days

November 3rd, 2009

Aesthetiker TV – Bluebird powder days – we love ’em. We just wish they’d come around more often. The aesthetiker crew get their fair share of deep pow from their base of Mayrhofen, Austria. Check out the short video and start drooling.

About The Aesthetiker:

The Ästhetiker were founded in the early 90’s and the one and only official crew activity was to write ‘die Ästhetiker…’ on every Snow, Skate and Surfboard. For many years the only thing that mattered was to be out there in the nature with your friends and share the fun of Boardriding. Most Ästhetikers were lucky enough to live the life of a snowboard pro or find a job in the industry or media. Coming from all over Austria and from different backgrounds the crew is most united by their specific vision of snowboarding and their love for the nature and the mountains.

The main focus of riding boards is not on competition or athletic ambitions. It’s all about the beauty of the move, the style.

Now after 15 years of sharing the same passion, the boys created their own products line (clothing and boards), are making their own TV-Shows and are organising the biggest Snowboard, Skateboard, Art and Music Event in Austria.

About Tell-A-Vision

We love snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing and we have our own vision of it! Either it is a story of a snowboarder on the mountains or a skater in a city or a surfer on a beach somewhere on this planet.

Each of them has a vision to tell!

In 2004 we were asked by a German TV-production company called Rebel Media, to produce a small show for the Magazine called ‘Stoke’ broadcasted on DSF (Germen Sport Channel).
Ämateur TV was born. In the first season we produced 23 episodes, all of which were broadcasted.
After the first year of Ämateur TV we decided to do less shows but these in a better quality. So we did another 9 shows in addition to the whole production of our own events!
This is how we continued year by year. Now we have produced more then 80 shows which are all on our website plus we have a show of every event we did back to 1998!
Mone Monsberger came up with some travel reports from his trips from Australia to New Zealand to Bali and so on. These are in another section called Blogs! They are not in a superior quality but they are funny stories!