Video – Auto Twitter Your Snowboard tricks… WTF?

October 3rd, 2010

Nokia has teamed up with Burton Snowboards to try and create the world’s first interactive snowboarding phone app.The new Nokia N8, which has been in heavy development up in Finland at Nokia HQ is about to be released to the world. The phone is here to battle the ever popular iPhone and comes with its own app store called OVI.

But to the point… The people with Nokia have been working with all kinds of lifestyle brands and creative people to show off the phone. They have worked on a skateboard “game”, where, through a sensor on your board the N8 will register tricks you complete or lines you ride, that then registers on the phone and allows you to share with the world via social media.

It’s just a concept at this stage, but the Nokia crew have also teamed up with Burton, the world’s largest snowboard brand to see if they can do the same on snowboards. Again it’s a concept but the real life applications of their ideas are both interesting and questionable for practical use.

The N8 has an open source platform so developers have a much larger gateway to create ways that the N8 can interact with the world through apps and etc.

With our lives becoming more digitised, even if these ideas do make it onto a phone in your pocket, it’s interesting to see where developers and hardware companies are headed with their ideas.

Below are 3 videos – 1 is the skate promo, 1 is the snowboard promo and another is just a cool clip they made using the phone and a macro attachment on the N8’s HD camera.