Video – Gigi Ruff and Quentin Robbins in GigiLand

March 21st, 2010

A few days ago a freak low pressure out of nowhere flew in under the radar and took everyone by surprise. The hardest hit area happened to be Damuls in Austria, home of our very own Gigi Ruf and chief POW (Prisoner Of Water).

Gigi had just returned home from Alaska and dropped straight from the plane into the biggest dump of the winter. And with no camera crew scheduled to arrive before the next day, our Kiwi friend Quentin Robbins and yours truly could not possibly turn down the invite from Gigi to go shred his local hill with him as guide. We scored!

The moral of the story? You can score too!

Spring ain’t here yet… Ok, it might have announced its arrival on the south facing slopes, but so has the emergence of scarcely clad Scandinavian blondes, eager to bronze as much skin as morally possible.

North facing slopes however are still blower, just check the video. Then point it to your nearest snow gear pusher before running straight to the hills to get some.

  • JP – Volcom Europe