Video – Red Bull Performance Camp Day 2

August 17th, 2010

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With some switch double backside rodeo 1080’s, a new standard has been set – in both snowboarding tricks and how to progress.

The weather having taken a wintery turn earlier in the week, offered it’s bluebird best until the final day of riding for the Red Bull. The cooler temperatures overnight meant the snow was fast and firm ensuring the jumps remained consistent and riders were able to get their speed dialled in perfectly.

The athletes continued to push themselves to the very end taking full advantage of the facilities and Coaches on hand. You couldn’t deny the enthusiasm present amongst the Rookie crew, so keen to hit the jump again and again working on new tricks.

I think this is the most awesome feature in the world, so sick to jump, whatever you want. I’ve been trying some doubles and other tricks, I think it’s really possible to learn something here, a lot of fun, so sick! – Tim kevin Ravnak (SLO)

My first time in NZ, I’m pretty happy to be here, it’s amazing. I like the bag jump, I was scared of it but I finally did it, I’m stoked. It’s really professional, the coaches here are from the Swiss Team, Austrian Team, US Team, it’s good because they can tell you what you are doing wrong and you can make it better and make progress… Super! – Katarzyna Rusin (POL)

Final adjustments by the grooming crew had left the step-up jump in pristine condition. It wasn’t long before a full-on assault by the Red Bull team began which continued until the last lift was loaded.

The barrage of tricks on the final day was astounding, double back 10’s, frontside and switch double 9’s, 10’s and even some 12’s were going down. You couldn’t help but keep your eyes glued to the step-up wherever you were in the park, afraid you might miss something.

Leading the charge were Seb Touts, Mark McMorris and Pat Moore, who was there to the bitter end stomping a super clean double frontside 9 as the sun descended behind the distant Alps.

The light started to fade and the park became quiet for what seemed like the first time since the Red Bull crew had arrived. One thing is for sure, the riding that went down and the progression that has taken place in the past two weeks will not be forgotten any time soon, the standard has been set!