Video – Red Bull Performance Camp Wrap up

August 24th, 2010

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The Future is now!

Progression was the aim of the game, and that is exactly what took place! During week one, the professional Red Bull Athletes took it from the bag jump to the step-up, systematically ticking off new tricks they’d learned in the first few days of the camp.

The unique set-up provided a perfect training environment with the bag jump and the step-up right next door. That, combined with the professional coaching team proved in-valuable for the athletes, allowing them to focus on taking their riding to the next step. The shift in the level of riding was huge, so much progression was achieved in such a short space.

The vibe at Snowpark was electric, with so many talented snowboarders in one spot you could see everyone feeding off the energy, each time a rider dropped the whole focus of the park would instantly become their next move.

Come week two when the ‘rookies’ rolled in, it was really good to see the pro’s from the previous week riding alongside and encouraging the younger snowboarders to step it up – you couldn’t measure how stoked some of the younger crew were to have an opportunity like this.

It’s my second time to NZ, I came last year for a little bit but nothing as cool as this. It’s amazing, we’ve got this great bag jump and great step up next to it, so you can get the feeling on the bag and then take it to the step up, it’s cool! – Nik Baden (US)

The level of skill amongst the rookie crew was un-believable, it makes you wonder where these guys are going to be and what they’ll be doing on their boards in a few years time.

I was working on some frontside and backside spins, trying to get those dialled, it’s really good. I’m having so much fun, it’s perfect today, it’s pretty much the biggest jump I’ve ever hit. – Cody Warble (US)

Not only was it awesome to witness the high level of snowboarding that was taking place but watching everyone work and ride together, from so many different countries around the world, the comradery amongst the entire team of athletes, coaches and crew was amazing.

The riding that took place during The Red Bull Snowboarding Performance Camp is going to go down in history as one of the most progressive sessions at any park in the world. Anyone who witnessed the action first hand will tell you it was not only a glimpse into the future of freestyle snowboarding but evidence that the future is now!


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