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July 6th, 2009

Excerpt from “Walking The Talk” (Transfer Issue 1)By Russell Holt

Our mid-winter camping mission to the Western Faces of Australia’s main range discovered mountains you’ve probably never seen, with deep dry snow and natural terrain riding more typical of Europe and Alaska. Sadly, by the end of our epic four-day mission, someone had paid the ultimate price and lost their life.

There are only two areas you can snowboard steep, big-mountain alpine faces in Australia: the 1922m Mt. Feathertop in Victoria, near Mt. Hotham, and the mountains of Kosciuszko National Park, in NSW. In this vicinity are a number of Australia’s highest peaks including, Mt. Kosciuszko, the country’s highest peak (2228m), Mt. Townsend (2209m), Carruthers Peak (2145m), and Mt. Twynam (2196m). The most accessible and dramatic of the Western Faces for snowboarding are Mt. Carruthers, The Sentinel and Watson’s Crag, which all sit beyond Blue Lake and about four kilometres from the top lift at Charlotte Pass resort.

The distance to the Western Faces from civilisation is not too far, but far enough that you have to camp overnight to really session the area. It’s all snowshoe or boot pack access for snowboarders, which makes for some seriously hard yards in those big mountains. And the three harsh factors – distance, camping and weather – all work to keep the crowds down out there. Over the years, like many local snowboarders, our crew has talked and talked and talked about going out to shred these zones, but being lazy snowboarders, all we have ever done is talk about it and try to find alternative, more lazy-friendly ways to get out there (ie, helicopters, snowmobiles, kites etc), none of which eventuated. So when 2008 rolled around it was time to put some walking to our talking and actually do it.

… For the entire article check out Transfer Snowboard Magazine Issue 1
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