Wangl Tangl Final Day

March 23rd, 2009

The snowboard format named Gang jam consisted of four riders and guaranteed non stop action up on the mountain. Rather than single heats, the four riders followed each other over the obstacles. Especially the “Jack N Cheese” Gäng from Switzerland with team members Iouri Podlachikov, Lukas Blaser, Markus Keller as well as Jack Shackelton from England who joined the team after the draft showed unmatched skills and tricks which eventually brought them to the victory. A lot of fs1080° and double back flips were seen. The park held never seen features such as the Red Bull Endsection which got used in the most creative ways.

Stefan Gimpl teamleader of the “Ä-Team” along with Chris Kroell, Rudi Kroell and Christian Scheidreiter showed a great performance and prooved that also second place didn´t come for free. The team “Pirates Significuntz” consisting of Tylor Chorlton who was riding with Erik Haugo, Danny Larsen and Christian Hettegger ended up on third place. Special mentioning earns Taylor Chorlton´s for his bs 180° into the Taco cab 5 out.

Reini Rieser who consciously showed up without any brand sponsor showed an incredible sw bs 900 over the gap and earned the highly coveted title “Most Impressive Rider” which came with a Suzuki DR125SM motorbike.

The “Transworld Rider of the Year” 2008 and Aesthetiker team member Wolle Nyvelt prepared is hand shaped Pow-Surfers especially for this event and had them designed by artist Phekt and Permanent Unit. Pow-Surfer are boards with a special shape that allow you to ride powder snow without bindings. The boards were not just diplayed at the event hall but also painted live by the artists.