Five Things We’re Looking Forward to This Winter

June 19th, 2024
One thing we are all looking forward – and waiting for –  to is a big storm. Photo: Jake McBride

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There’s some finally some snow on the ground,  and although we need more the snow guns are pumping and hopefully not long until we’re sliding on more advanced terrain in the Australian resorts.  Current conditions are typical for early season in Australia and New Zealand and while we’re waiting for winter to kick into gear we thought we’d ask a few snow lovers what are five things they are looking forward to this season.

Buff Farnell skier, Mt Hotham

Buff Farnell, cruising on a magic day at Mt Hotham Photo: Andrew Barnes

1 I always take off my gloves and put my hands on the snow. I let them get cold, connection to land and winter.  If it’s deep or if it’s shallow, I just love doing this when I arrive on the Mountain.

2 The first click of my boot into my binding,

3 A fast run down Imagine at Hotham.

4 Swapping stories from the winter or summer just past, surf stories, MTB rides ‘n jumps, climbing, snow days in Northern hemi.

5 Sunrise lapping onto Mt Higginbotham in early winter with lateral cold light that turns orange and glows.

Valentino Guseli, Pro Snowboarder

Valentino Guseli , bluebird day in Thredbo’s Merritts Park. Photo: Thredbo

1 Just excited to get back on snow

2 Bluebird Park laps

3 Hiking Rails

4 Hitting Side hits

5 And really looking forward to riding Australia’s first accessible 22-foot halfpipe in Thredbo later this season

Nick Hyne, Queenstown, Mountainwatch NZ Presenter

Nick Hyne out for a conditions check before filing his NZ video report. Photo: Stef Zeestraten

1 The mountains turning white again. Always nice to wake up to!

2 The refreshing feel of just being up the mountain.

3 Teaching my kids new things!

4 Trying new tricks (and trying to get some old ones back and looking good).

5 Evenings by the fire!

The beginning of the season is always such a great time to set a few goals and think about how to make the most of each winter day. The days are short, but the memories created are always pretty magic.

DJ Eddy, skier, disc-spinner, frother

DJ Eddy, spinning dics for the frothers at the General again this winter

1 My first Spa for winter, all the bubbles get me really pumping for a deep winter – bubbles inside my body and bubbles outside my body.

2 Trying to remember where I left my skis after my last run in Spring at Hotham in 2023? Anyone seen them?

3 Lookin’ out into the crowd on my first Genny Hotham show at around 11.23 pm and seeing snowfreakers pashing and getting’ down hard to the beats. It heralds a rad season.

4 My first run of winter, yeahh. If it’s down The Canyon or Big D, I don’t mind. I’m skiing and it’s faster than walking, so I dig it.

5 Watching Blizzard of Ahhhs. Raddest ski film ever

Watkin McLennnan, Freeskier, TBR Coach, MT Buller

Watkin McLennan, out wide at Mt Buller on a good day. Photo: Tony Harrington/

1 Bacon and eggs on sourdough from Tirol.

2 Lasagne from Koflers

3 Schöfferhofer beer at Grimmus

4 Riding up Bull Run Chair for the first time

5 Skiing down Bull Run Bowl in bottomless pow

I’m confident about experiencing four out of 5 if these alpine delights.

Layla Lee, Mountainwatch Snow Reporter, Falls Creek

Layla Lee, preparing to take a tour with Falls Creek Backcountry tours.

1 Coffee from Slides – There is nowhere better to get the morning going than waiting for the first chairs to spin with a warm coffee in hand.

2 First tracks on The Maze – Some of the most fun terrain in Falls. Finding different lines through the trees and open bowls, solo or with a crew, early bird gets the worm on this one!

3 Afternoon Hoot to Bat laps – When everything’s warmed up and tracked out, taking on the rutted out Last Hoot and shooting down onto Wombats is sometimes all the fun you need.

4 Sunsets over Spion Kopje. It really feels like home when the clouds clear and the beautiful pink hue starts to glow over Spion Kopje.

5 Cocktails at Apartment 3. Once your legs are jelly and you’re ready to sink into the evening, getting fancy at Apartment 3 is always on the list.