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Sep 21 2019 06:29 AM: Saturday, Sept 21: Overcast, windy and warm this morning, the temp in the village at +9 and it is +6.6 up the top, which is the coldest it got up there overnight and the wind up high is 59/km/hr out of NNW with gust up to 74ks. We just had a quick burst of rain, but it has stopped but we'll get a few showers this morning before the main band of moisture hits, and looking at the radar that will be late this morning. The groomers said it was a tough night with the soft snow but the upper mountain has come up OK, best in the Basin, Exhibition, Antons and Walkabout. There has been some snow melt over the past few days and Snowy Hydro's snow depth reading at Spencers Creek is 206cms, down from 225cms last week and there a few patches appearing on World Cup and under Snowgums chair from Bunnywalk to the Cat shed, but the Supertrail and High Noon still have a very good top to bottom cover. We could see significant rain later and with the warm northerly there will be some damage to the snow today. The forecast is for NNW winds p to 90ks and throw a possible thunderstorm into the mix and wind-hold may be an issue later. Things improve tomorrow with a partly cloudy day and cooler temps ahead of some snow on Monday, and overnight temps drop below zero for the rest of the week, setting up some good spring snow each day. If you're keen today, get out there early, it could get pretty ugly later on. - Reggae

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