SPARKLE – Snowboarding Film by Anna Gasser and Clemens MiLlauer

December 27th, 2021

Mountainwatch |Video

SPARKLE was  filmed during the 2021 winter season in Austria when the lockdowns kept Clemens Millauer and Anna Gasser close to their hometowns. They teamed up with some of their closest friends to explore their local resorts and the timing was perfect with great snow conditions thanks to the “winter of the century” in the Carinthia region.

“Just friends, snowboarding and having a good time while doing it! It’s so special with snowboarding how easy it is to connect and make friends. Even though we all do it different or in our own way, it’s still the same excitement which gives us that smile and sparkle in our eyes.”


Pow run with the crew. Photo: Sani Alibabic

From backcountry powder kickers to urban street rails, SPARKLE offers It all. It documents the awesome time they had discovering completely empty resorts as they were closed at the time of filming. Filmed in Nassfeld, Turrach, Goldeck, Mölltaler Gletscher and more spots in Carinthia. With Anna Gasser, Adrian Krainer and Clemens Millauer with appearances of Sani Alibabic, Christian Buchacher Patrick Cinca and Marko Grilc.

“We were pretty much completely isolated in the mountains, with endless powder. We had the time of our life,” Clemens said.


Marko Grilc, loved  riding with family and friends.Photo: Sani Alibabic

In loving memory of our friend and snowboarding hero Marko Grilc.

Filmed by: Walter Kirsch Jonas Schnürch Patrick Cinca Jukka Metsäaho Kim Koponen Andreas Gasser Pirmin Juffinger Christian Buchacher Matthias Weissenbacher Benjamin Moser Manuel Nguyen Michael Putz Jeremy Richardson