The Storm Turns Into Something Special With 80+cms and More to Come

August 9th, 2019
Pow time in Buller today and the Southside and Grimus are opening tomorrow. Photo: Jordan Mountain


Mountainwatch| Reggae Elliss

After two weeks of sunshine and hardpacked snow, skiers and snowboarders were waiting excitedly for the storm which was forecast for this week. When the Grasshopper first mentioned it early last week, the excitement levels grew, especially when the top-end snow totals in the forecast were up to one metre.

When the computer models jumped around earlier in the week, I was a little nervous, but they came back into line on Wednesday morning and the snow came through as expected late Wednesday. The second front hit last night and it dumped, with 40-60cms of snow this morning and snow falling down to low elevations, making for difficult and icy conditions on the roads.


Thredbo Village Square this morning. Photo: Thredbo

Here’s what the Grasshopper had to say this morning:

“We’re currently smack bang in the middle of the monster snowstorm. Colder air will continue to pile on today, eventually lowering snowfalls to 600m, but it’ll pin back to lighter showers.

“Snow showers will continue through Saturday to low levels, with heavy falls possible Sunday morning as winds turn to the south before easing and becoming mostly confined to the south.”


Laif Moegel hooking into the fresh at Falls Creek this morning. Photo: Matt Hull


Time to shred after 60cms of fresh snow. Photo: Thredbo


Drew Jolowic, pow amongst the Hotham gum trees. Photo: Dylan Robinson

We are now two days into the storm and we’re already looking at totals above 80cms and there is more to come in the next 24 hours, so I expect we’ll be hitting the one metre mark by tomorrow morning. If you’re heading to the mountains over the next few days, you won’t be disappointed, and these photos form the past two days will give you a taste of things to come.

The only bummer is I have to go and shovel the stairs again – I’ve already done it twice today!


The visibility was poor in open areas, so it was a day to hit the trees. Thredbo, Firday, August 9. Photo: Thredbo


The Eisner brothers showing you can be friends on a powder day at  Mt Buller today. Photo: Tony Harrington


Tom Costa, ripping in at Falls Creek. Photo: Danii Forde


Perisher called in the heavy equipment to clear snow outside the Perisher Centre this morning. Photo:Perisher


Buff Farnell, drifting deep at Hotham. Photo: Dylan Robinson


A storm day is a good day. Freshies at Perisher. Photo: Perisher