Transition – A Time of Reflection in Hotham Last Winter. Video

August 11th, 2022

Mountainwatch | Video

This short film featuring  Coen Bennie-Faull was filmed by Coen’s brother Taylor in Hotham last winter when Victoria was in lockdown. It’s peak winter and the conditions were prime during the July storms, their home resort empty except for the locals who were ski touring for their turns.

It was unusual time and for Coen a period of reflection and he describes Transition as meditation on skiing and how it can create feelings of relief between moments of friction.

“My favourite feeling in skiing is that brief feeling of weightlessness you get in between turns in the transition, and for that brief moment it’s sort of like a whale coming up to breathe.”


Coen taking in the pristine and empty conditions in Hotham last winter. Photo: Dylan Robinson

“Transition’ came together at an inflection point in history as the world collectively came to a grinding halt while simultaneously turning itself inside out. The reverberations of such a tumultuous time will be felt long into the future. However, the brief juncture in time where we transitioned from life as we knew it, into the unknown, a moment of harmony, a reset we could say, stilled the globe. As we were forced to look deep inside, hard lessons were learnt, and new directions were found. The tides have changed.”


Photo: Dylan Robinson

Beautifully filmed and edited, Transition captures the essence of what skiing is all about.

Skier: Coen Bennie-Faull (and friends)
Film by: Taylor Bennie-Faull
Sound Design: Robert P. Downie
Score: Robert P. Downie
Additional Footage: Sam Levings