VIDEO – One Hit Wonder Day 2 action

September 16th, 2009


The One Hit Wonder Down Under is a four day filming session on Thredbo’s end of season money-booter from the 14th until the 18th of September.

Whichever skier and snowboarder gets the most public votes for the video of their trick will score a $2000 cash sweetener. It is a relatively new but relaxed concept of competition for the Australian skiing and snowboarding scene… Think JOSS, but with gumtrees.

The edited movies for voting will be online soon. You will be able to vote for your favourite, so stay tuned.

Competitor List:

Johnny Lipzker Skier
Hailing from across the border in Melbourne, Johnny has spent most of his time skiing in Falls Creek. Though, for the past 2 years his new found home is between Jindabyne and Breckenridge, Colorado. A solid all-round skier, he can dominate the park and then take it to the top of the mountain.
“This sounds like a sweet event, especially at the end of the season when everyone is going to be throwing down.” – Johnny

Charlie Timmins Skier
Local Jindabyne kid, Charlie spends more time on snow each year than most people do in a lifetime. Considered one of the best all mountain skiers in Australia, Charlie has the skills throughout the park and backcountry to mix it with the best in the world.
“He is the silent assassin who murders the park and backcountry.” – Johnny Lipzker, Professional Skier

Ryan Tiene Snowboarder
Ryan Tiene is an Australian snowboarder with a difference. Ryan doesn’t spend his time at the gym following special programs, nor does he have a coach who pushes him through a rigorous training regime. Most of all, Ryan certainly doesn’t have visions that involve trophies or medals. For him, snowboarding is a way of life.

Boen Ferguson Skier
Boen’s blonde locks are usually found anywhere between Perisher and Thredbo in New South Wales Snowy Mountains, and at the age of 19 is in the prime of his life.
“Boen is a jerk and he owes me twenty bucks.” – Charlie Timmin
Bine Zalohar Skier
This 23 year old started skiing only 5 years ago, although riding shotgun with a pack of wild snowboarders in his home country of Slovenia has encouraged a huge amount of style from him both on and off the snow. Bine’s quest for airtime and love for experiencing new places brought him to Perisher in the 2009 season. He rides for 4frnt, Oakley, Dalbello and Skullcandy.

Robbie Walker Snowboarder
Robbie is pumped to stomp it in front of the cameras.
“Honestly, who have we got writing these blurbs?” – Tim Myers, whilst waiting for something about Robbie

Jordan Houghton Skier
Jordan Houghton is 19 years old and way ahead of his time. He is a connoisseur of fine wine and even finer women.
Andrew Roth Snowboarder
Rothy is originally from Vermont in Melbourne but spent most of the time at Mt Buller. Apart from just turning 18, there isn’t much else known about this young gun except that he was sending it DEEP at Stylewars recently.
Chris de Campo Snowboarder
Chris is a 17 year old Buller snowboarder with a penchant for big air. He rides for Burton, Von Zipper & Trigger.

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