14-15 July, 2010 – Over 30cm at Falls Creek NSW

July 15th, 2010

Chris Hocking powder carve late Wednesday afternoon 14th of July at Falls Creek. Photo: Charlie Brown.

Snow Journal | Chris Hocking and Matt Hull

An amazing 24hrs in the mountains. It’s taken until the second week in July for ULLR to deliver the goods, and deliver he did with 33cm of new snow at Falls Creek!

The storm began as rain Wednesday morning 14th of July, it was the second or third time this season things started with rain, but this time there was a follow-up cold front delivering the motherload Northwesterly that so often delivers for Victoria’s Nothern resorts of Falls Creek and Hotham. The snow began just after midnight Wednesday tempting us with a dusting of 5cm by 7am, then dumping for the next 15 hours to slow down to flurries by 11pm. This morning the result is a nice firm cover of a foot of fresh snow all around the mountain here at Falls Creek.

Falls Creek live snow cams, forecasts and snow reports

Stay tuned for more powder pics from today.

It dumped all day and night in the Falls Creek village. Photo: Chris Hocking.

Chris Hocking. Photo: Charlie Brown.

Jimmy Reed enjoying the new snow cover across Falls Creek mountain on Wednesday July 14th. Photo: Matt Hull.

Rob Malone carving up the pow as it accumulated on Wednesday July 14th at Falls Creek. Photo: Matt Hull.

Further Commentary by Falls Creek Snow Reporter and Mountainwatch.com forecaster by Steve Lee based in Falls Creek:

Our season has finally turned the corner with the first significant snow storm yesterday. It was a real blizzard and really good numbers have been recorded across the Aussie Alps. We’ve got 30 to 40cm of new snow and you can hear a collective sigh of relief from every snow lover, harmonised at a higher and certainly more nervous note by every business operator.

This forecast period brings good news too, with some more snow falling late in the weekend. Today will see this current system peter out to flurries. There’s still a chance of them being significant, but not the consistent snow fall we have seen over the past 36hrs. Hedging our bets there should also be some good periods of sunshine as we head into what should be a great weekend.

Check your favourite Mountainwatch.com daily snow report for up to the minute play by plays, and get your ass to the mountains this weekend, should be a cracker.

Falls Creek live snow cams, forecasts and snow reports