2011 Snowboard Product Sneak Peek – Part 1

October 14th, 2010

New gear highlights fresh from the Snow Trade Show currently being held in Canberra.

Thanks to Transfer Snowboard Magazine. The guys spent a day cruising the floor slapping palms, drinking late, gambling away money they can’t afford and getting a peek at all the new products that will be hitting the shelves next year. And thanks to those who pulled back the veil of secrecy to allow photographs of their all-new gear.


FORUM – Young Blood Double Dog. Team board Hybrid Rocker/Camber. $699 – in store Dec 2010.


SALOMON – Official. 3rd Year TWS Good Wood, Camber. $799

SALOMON – Drift. Twin Camber Equaliser. $599

SALOMON – Savage Boot with speed lace. $349.

SALOMON – Arcade Binding. $279.

CELSIUS – Cirrus Boot with rad reflective panel and speed lace. $439.


CELSIUS – Cloud9 Female Boot with zipper bling. $429.

CAPITA – Stair Master Extreme Camber. $669.

UNION – Danny Kass Pro for purple people. $349.


MR SIMPLE – New Aussie brand priced well. $199.

ROXY – Electric Plaid Jacket, 10k. $349.99.


QUIKSILVER – Travis Rice Pro Jacket. Art by Jackson Hole Artist Benji Pierson. With Reeco. $649.99

LIBTECH – EC2 Banana-Tech is the new Sk8 Banana for aggressive park. $899.

LIBTECH – Top secret Travis Rice Board. Maybe it’s a split board.. ?

LIBTECH – Core samples

GNU – Slab Series Binding quick entry option. $399.


GNU – Riders Choice snowboard Magna traction and C2. $899.

YES – Basic Camrock snowboard. $699.

YES – Their snowboards were under wraps – but there is a very cool surprise for Aussie Snowboarders coming out next year.



JONES – Hovercraft 154cm is the ultimate powder steeps board. Jeremy Jones rides this on steep Alaskan spines. Wider, floatier with fish tail. $779.

COAL beanies.

COAL plain trucker caps are back.


NRG – Roadblock Jacket 10k / 10k fully seamed sealed. $229.95.


DC SHOE CO – Tone flat & rocker base combo. Ryan Tiene rides this stick. $ 679.


DC SHOE CO – Devun Walsh Pro Model. Torsionally stiff, stronger wood core on outer edges. Looks slick in matt black with highlight graphics. $849.

DC SHOE CO – Digital Camo Luggage.

DC SHOE CO – Park Series NEFF Collab boot. $369.


REMIND INSOLES – A new orthotic footbed company by Travis Rice. $85 – 99.

ASHBURY – ‘LNP’ Warlock goggles is a new shape and comes with spare lens. $129.

DWD – Dinasours Will Die, Kwon 159. All mountain stick. $799.

ELM COMPANY – Traditional Boiled wool coat. $149.

New gear highlights fresh from the Snow Trade Show currently being held in Canberra.}