30 Of The Best And Most Bizarre Upcycled Skis And Snowboards

December 29th, 2020


Mountainwatch | Matt Wiseman

Can one skier’s trash be another skier’s treasure?

The ski industry thrives off bigger and better and not just when it comes to mountains and snow. According to a recent report by market research analysts from Technavio, the global ski equipment market is set to exceed USD $5.7 billion by 2020.

That’s a lot of skis and snowboards…

If you’ve looked at purchasing your own skis or board in recent years, no doubt you’ve come across some of the verbose brainchildren of ski marketers, such as ‘Carbon flax weave’, ‘Maple Macroblock’, ‘Amphibio 4D Technology’, ‘HRZN Tech’, ‘TubeLite Wood Core’, ‘Hollowtech 2.0’ or even ‘Micro-cap Sandwich Construction’ – all genuine descriptions of the technology inside contemporary skis.

Who knows, maybe you’ve even been persuaded into purchasing a new pair of skis or a board with ‘TNT Technology’ and ‘SST Sidewalls.’ I know I’ve been a victim of such superlatives, but all jokes aside, there does come a time when your 1992 Dynastar Assault’s just aren’t cutting it anymore.

If you’ve spent enough time in a ski town, or any time really, you’ll be familiar with the concept of a shot ski… For better or worse. But there are myriad more ways you can repurpose your old skis and boards and reminisce on turns made for years to come.

From the good, the bad and the ugly, here is a selection of 30 upcycled skis and snowboards to get your creative juices flowing!

It turns out one skier’s trash can be another skier’s treasure!

Perhaps the most obvious and visually pleasing uses for a pair of old skis is the classic Adirondack style armchair. You’ll need more than a few planks for this one though. Source:: Yankee Magazine
Collect around 6-8 skis and you’re on your way.
Ski chairs in the Adirondack style aren’t the most comfortable… stitch some old Rossignol beanies together as well though and you’ve probably got yourself a nice little pillow to match.
Talk about a conversation starter. Source:: Pinterest


Comfort’s overrated. Source:: Pinterest/Second Street


Snowboard right into old age with this bad boy. Source:: Whitelines


The OG snowboard chair – a staple outside any self-respecting snowboard retailer. Source:: Whitelines


Keeping it simple. Source:: Pinterest


Taking a hacksaw to your snowboard is all the rage at the moment when it comes to converting it into a splitboard but the same principal applies when making a chair. Source:: Pinterest


Is Rossignol making benches now? Source:: Pinterest


Take it to another level with the ski chair(lift) Source:: Last Chair Customs


We could look at these all day if we’re honest. Source:: Last Chair Customs


Considering Mt Buller just auctioned off the 61 Blue Bullet Quad Chairs, there’s more than a few skiers who can look forward to a similar set-up (indoors is optional). Source:: Last Chair Customs


Believe it or not, this Heron Poma Double Chair retails for a princely sum of US$2,200… Source:: Ski Lift Designs


The Hall Double Chair in Hunter Green also doesn’t come cheap… So we advise trying to make your own! Source:: Ski Lift Designs


They’re sure to be a feature in any home however.. Source:: Whitefish Home Builders


But what’s the point of having chairs without a table? Source:: Ascension Woodcraft


Sweet ski dreams. Source:: Skicycled


Better get collecting if you want to make something as ambitious as this bed we came across on Craigslist. Source:: Craigslist (now sold)


Snowboard downlights. Source:: Pinterest


Ski chandelier? Source:: Willem Heeffer


Ski pole wind charms anyone? Source:: Powder Cord Pouches


Taking Après up a notch. Source:: Pinterest


Don’t mind if we do. Source:: Pinterest


Redefining a snowboard stack… Source:: Pinterest


You’re gonna need more than a few skis for this one… Source:: Pinterest


For the young, urban professional, (snowboarder). Source:: Ralfred’s Blog


I call this one, the pole plant…


Simple but effective. A personal favourite… Source:: Pinterest


Cheers to upcycling! Last but not least… The infamous shot ski. Source:: Looptworks