Above The Arctic Circle – Skiing Norway’s Lofoten Islands. Video

March 14th, 2023

Mountainwatch | Video

“Places are often defined by their beauty. Certainly Lofoten, Norway exists for many solely through the imagery they’ve seen.”

This short film from Armada Skis features team riders Tof Henry and Flurina Bieger touring Norway’s isolated and beautiful Lofted Islands. Located inside the Arctic Circle, it is an area renowned for its Viking heritage, historical towns, towering mountain ranges and clear views of the Aurora Borealis, (the Northern Lights).

Tof Henry, enjoying a spectacular descent. Photo: Daniel Rönnbäck

The landscape is dramatic and the mountains spectacular, Tof and Fluorine making some steep, exposed climbs to ski a variety of chutes and open powder faces that drop directly into the Atlantic Ocean. This is a beautiful short film that captures the raw essence of Lofoten and shows why many regard it as ski-touring and mountaineering paradise.