ALASKA – Getting the Goods in Haines

April 21st, 2011
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Thanks to Chris Boadle from Burton Snowboards for the video

Alaska “A-K”
There’s no denying the sport of snowboarding requires a certain degree of luck. Until mid March this year anyone heading to Alaska seemed to be fresh out of it. Then Nick Gregory, Chris Boadle, Damon Hayler and photographer Jake McBride from Australia went to Haines and got the goods. Our advice – find out where they’re going next and go there, when they do, if you’re lucky you’ll ride the coat tails of their good fortune…

Journey from Juneau to Haines AK
(The following are excerpts from Nick’s blog during the Alaskan trip…)

So there are two ways to get from Juneau to Haines. By air or one of the most scenic boat trips available to humans. The journey takes about four hours and costs USD$37.00. You can take your car, motorised snow contraptions, pets, even your kids! The ferry has a cafeteria however if you are into nice food I would advise to take your own. Coffee’s yuk too. I’m such a coffee snob.

Pretty bloody impressive for the eye balls even with the rank weather! Sore trigger finger from taking too many pics.

Tea Bag, Haines

After some fresh snow with a variable snowpack our guide Beanzy took us out to a bowl by the name of Tea Bag. We started off testing the stability of the snow on a bit of a mini golf line before heading up for the real deal. Our pilot ‘Al’, a Vietnam vet gave us what they call a toe in landing. A ‘toe in’ is when there is no safe zone to land so the pilot hovers with one skid touching the snow(not the side we got out of). This is when you get out… Are you kidding me!!!

Tea Bag – Haines AKfromHonorable FilthonVimeo.

Indy 5000. Hopefully we get a piece of this. Image:: Chris Boadle

Hands down the best run of my life. Best thing is this is just the beginning. Image:: Chris Boadle

No need for words. Image:: Chris Boadle

The contents of the riding pack

Built for the movie ‘White Fang’, Dalton City lives on within sleepy old Haines. The majority of Dalton is closed or the winter however The Haines Brewing Company is open in one of the bigger spaces which would fit about eight people or maybe four American sized folk. Cool place to check out and have a brew for sure

The ups and downs

The waiting game between fly time can be testing. Haines isn’t exactly the most exciting place in the world so we have been trying our best to keep somewhat entertained with some pathetic basketball, handball, amateur photography and some mean coffee slurping. The hammer museum was a highlight, not because of the hammers because who really cares anyway but because of the legend running the joint. Not short of a story.

The friendly face of Caffeine. Didn’t get to ride this but the snow looked sensational

From the top of Caffeine about to drop. I had pretty much every emotion invented by humans in the space of three minutes. New best run of my life. Image:: Chris Boadle

The east face of Deflowered. Image:: Chris Boadle

Jake showing his versatility

Not a bad view from the 33 mile diner

The legit spines of Caffeine. Pick your line. Image:: Chris Boadle