Alpine Streets, A Snowboard Film That Brings A New Perspective to Falls Creek – Video

September 18th, 2019


Mountainwatch | Video

Alpine Streets is a street-style snowboard film shot in to Falls Creek over 10 days in August and was just released this week.  Alpine Streets features Yuki Threads’ International team riders Tommi Ollikainen from Finland, Thomas Whittaker and Crystal Legoffe from Canada and Jack P Lee from the US and Australian legends Josh Anderson and James Singleton.

Filmed in the snow-covered streets of Falls Creek Village, this project makes the most of any rails, staircases, balconies and balustrades the team can find. Described by Yuki as a film that, “Is raw. It’s real. It’s as behind the scenes as you can get it,” and Alpine Streets is all that and more.


Crystal Logoffe. Photo: Will Linstead @wlinstead

Alpine Streets is much more than just a content project for Yuki,” says Luke Mitchell, Co-Founder of Yuki Threads. “It’s a chance to bring back some of the core elements that seems to have gone missing from our Australian snowboarding scene in recent years.”

Tommi, who is part of the Snackbreak film crew in Finland, sees Alpine Streets as an opportunity to not only create great content but also show the world what the Australian Alps have to offer in the streets. “This town is crazy. You can link anything in a line, one of the best street riding destinations I have seen. I can wait to document these new spots.”

“This project is a really unique opportunity for the Australian snow scene,” added Luke Mictchell “And we hope we can showcase a perspective of Australia that have never been seen before, bringing the snowboarding spotlight to Australia.”


Josh Anderson – @Joojdoood Photo: Luke Mitchell – @luke_n_mitchell