Amazing Photos: Snow-Cat Falls Into a Crevasse in Zermatt

April 9th, 2020


Not what you expect to happen on an average day at work. Photo:


Mountainwatch | News

Ski resorts may be closed across the northern hemisphere, but many mountain operations crews are still working, maintaining slopes and lifts. In Zermatt, Switzerland, summer skiing on the upper glaciers is popular and a cat driver had a frightening experience this week when his machine fell into a deep crevasse. Thankfully he wasn’t injured.


Above: The scene of the accident. Below: Below, the scene the following day.



The driver was working on the side if the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise piste on the Upper Theodul glacier when the incident happened.  In 20 years when people are swapping anecdotes about their experiences during the Covid19 pandemic of 2020, this guy’s story may top them all.


The recovery in full- swung. Photo: Mpora
The recovery in full- swing. Photo: