Antarctica Ski Expedition

November 20th, 2009

Australia’s legendary big mountain skier Andrea Binning has just set-out on a 3-week skiing expedition to Antarctica. We will be following her every move right here on as they depart from Argentina on the 22nd of November. (Good luck and have fun Andrea!)

The Antarctic Peninsula where the expedition is headed is littered with incredible peaks and snow like this one.

Andrea’s First Trip Blog.

Two months ago I was invited to join Chris Davenport and my husband Stian Hagen on their ski expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula. This trip is very unique as we will be sailing a 75ft boat from the southern most tip of Argentina – Ushuaia across the Drake Passage to the Antarctic peninsula, to explore this untouched coastal mountain range, with the plan to push the boundaries of ski alpinism on this 600 mile chain of mountains. This will be documented by 3 filmers and 1 photographer Greg Von Doersten, to produce a feature length ski documentary. It is going to be an amazing adventure AND A TRIP OF A LIFE TIME!

We will be away for 3 weeks and will have around 2 and half weeks down on the Antarctic Peninsula. We will be sailing with an Australian captain and his son. Check out the boat HERE . We will have a small zodiac that will take us from the boat to land with the plan to do 3-5 day ski tours to explore the peaks down there. We also hope to see lots of wildlife while we are there.

The 75ft Australis will take the crew from Argentina to Antarctica and back.

I am now on my way with my husband Stian. We will be away for 1-month meeting the film crew in Ushuaia on Saturday and taking off on the boat on Sunday (22nd Nov, 2009). We are really excited now knowing that everything is falling into place for an epic journey down there. There has been a lot of preparation to get to where we are now, getting the gear together- waiting on packages, training so we are in good shape for the challenges that lie ahead and sorting out all the logistics for smooth sailing (well we can only hope).

I plan to keep you all updated as much as I can.


Andrea Binning recently scored the cover of the December issue of SKIING Magazine in the USA.

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