June 25th, 2009

The ARV is the only model left from the original range Armada launched six years ago and is the brand’s flagship all-mountain ski. With skiers like Tanner Hall, JP Auclair and Juilien Regnier launching the brand a true all-mountain ski – one that performs in soft and hard snow, on and off the groomed and in the park – was a priority. The ARV has improved every year and it is equally at home laying over big turns on the groomed, cruising through powder and slicing crud.

While the dimensions – 125/92/114 – may scare off those used to traditional skis and sidecuts, when buying a ski you need to think about where you like to ski. The ARV is great in powder, crud, heavy snow or slush and, thanks to sidewalls, 2.5 impact edges and the sidecut, it is very easy to crank solid medium to long turns on the groomed.

In many ways it is the perfect one-quiver Australian ski.

While something with a waist under 80mm may kill it on the groomed and hard-packed, they can be a lot of hard work in soft snow, crud and slush.

The ARV is the perfect ski for those who prefer to ski all of the mountain and not just the piste. Also, the new wood core is lighter and better for airs and in the park. Landing switch off any jump is also not a problem.

The ARVW, the women’s version of the ARV, has the same attributes as the ARV, but is just a little softer.

The southern hemisphere is also getting the full 2010 Armada range now and it won’t be released in the northern hemisphere until August. So, if you are tempted to buy a “brand new Armada ARV” online be aware – it may be new, but it is last year’s model and you will be looking “soooo 2008”.


Andreas Gloor, Armada’s Australian team manager, having fun in Japan. Photo: Elina Sirparanta