Cattleman’s 2011 Rail Jam Wrap-Up & PHOTOS

July 16th, 2011

Transfer Snowboard Magazine | Alex Cameron

Cattleman’s is over for another year, and what an event! The level of riding surpassed previous years, as has become the nature of the event. Jye Kearney walks away champion, and $4000 richer, with Mitch Williams second and Pete Long third. Tim Laidlaw was awarded the coveted best trick award for a super-technical line on the kinked rail. Micheal Trotto deserves special mention for a ballsy wallride attempt which has never before been attempted, or perhaps even noticed by other riders.

The Cattleman’s set up. Photo:: Jake McBride

Mt Buller turned it on for the 2011 Burton Cattleman’s Rail Jam. This year consolidated the growing reputation of the infamous event, now in its sixth year. The qualifiers took place on Burton’s new replica rail in the Mt Buller’s Skyline Park, the MBP crew did an amazing set up and for the first time in memory, it wasn’t raining! The cold temperatures didn’t deter the masses however, as hundreds filled Mt Buller’s village square to watch Australia’s best riders take to the infamous rail. And the night was capped off with MTV presenter and all-round hottie Erin McNaught to present the prizes.

The event winners; Jye Kearney first, Mitch Williams second and Pete Long third. Photo:: Jake McBride

For the first time, the qualifiers took place on Burton’s Cattleman’s replica rail, which led to a more effecctive selection of wildcards. This year, the five wildcards were Tom Reilly, Greg Murray, Cameron Staveley, Tim Neilsen and Dan Currie. More than any other year, the wildcards shone. Greg Murray was the first to make the notorious transfer from the close-out rail to the down rail.

Tom Pelley, the defending champion, started strongly with his trademark swivels and pretzels, but as the event wore on it became clear that Jye Kearney was the rider to beat. Jye was gapping with front, back and cab 270s onto the centre down rail. He rode every line (except Trotto’s wallride) and did two crowd pleasing backflips down the stair set.

Jye Kearney taking home $4000. Photo:: Jake McBride

Tim Laidlaw’s best trick was a backside 50-50 on the kinked rail, with a frontside 180 over the kink and then a half cab out the bottom of the rail. For such a technical trick, it was all style and so smooth.

The two surprise performers of the night were Cameron Staveley and Jason Maxfield. After the presentation, the judges revealed to Transfer that Jason placed fourth and Cameron fifth in the final rankings. Both riders threw down some impressive gap tricks, and tried heaps of different tricks. At just fourteen, you can expect big things from Cameron Staveley.

Erin McNaught and Pete Long. Photo:: Jake McBride

Tim Laidlaw lipslide the outer rail. Photo:: Jake McBride

Pete Long the Thredbo Veteran was showing no sign of old knees with these huge airs to flat clearing the whole stair set from the top. Photo:: Jake McBride

Tom Reilly styling on the Cattleman’s centre rail. Photo:: Jake McBride

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