Countdown to Winter – Top 10 Aussie Snow Photos of 2010

September 24th, 2010


We loved getting face shots in Australia this year, Awesome August was one for the annals. Jordan Houghton in Perisher. Image:: Harro

Countdown to Winter

With winter on the way, here’s a reminder of the best of last season…


Image:: Dominic Kieler. 2010 This image just captures the stoke that has us all hiking for those few extra fresh. Chris Booth was in Thredbo for the Rip Curl Pro and took the opportunity to seek out some of the secret powder stashes. Check out the full pictorial

Image:: Rory Gardiner. The Dew Hut Jam at Buller, an iconic event and Jye Kearney showed why he’s the kid everyone is talking about right now. Check out the rest of the Dew Hut pics


Image:: Dominic Kieler. Who could forget those amazing blue sky days following the first August snowfalls. Chris Booth certainly won’t, he dropped in for the best of them


Image:: Johnny McCormack. The sound and sight of the snowguns, such a quintessential part of the Aussie snow. Transfer/Mountainwatch enjoyed several days in luxury at Hotham and recommend everyone pay the resort a visit. Read about the Hotham trip

Image:: Joey Corcoran. Acres of pow and no one to share it with, we love that feeling. Local wonderkind Watkin McLennan was the first to claim freshies when Buller received the August snow blessings


Image:: Dominic Kieler. This is what it’s all about, blue skies, white pow and a rock to jump off. Chris Booth at Thredbo


Image:: Matt Hull. When those August snows hit, we were getting freshies into the night! Chris Hocking


Image:: Andrew Fawcett. We’re not sure why a fleet of red stunt plane flew over Thredbo one August weekend, but it was exciting. Andrew Fawcett and crew trekked into the backcountry to build themselves a jump, check out the full story here


Image:: Oliver Freeman. Stylewars in Falls Creek, it was bucketing snow and Jye Kearney threw down hard, that’s what it’s about. Check out pics from the event here

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